Saying Goodbye
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Saying Goodbye

By Abby Rouse

As Delta High School’s Class of 2021 anticipates walking up to get their diplomas, they are not just leaving behind a memory. Many of the upcoming graduates are leaving behind a bond that cannot be broken. 

As there are many siblings at Delta, it is hard for some to admit they actually like each other. For senior Zoe Ashcraft and sophomore Chloe Ashcraft it seemed to be easy. Anyone that knows these girls would easily say they are best friends.

“I don’t think I have ever seen two siblings that just work more than the two of them do,” senior Emily Himes said.

With Zoe soon going to Loyola University in Chicago, there will be a four-hour driving distance between the two. 

“I will definitely miss her. It’s bittersweet,” Chloe said.

Ashcraft girls
Senior Zoe Ashcraft (bottom) and sophomore Chloe Ashcraft have been close since childhood. They will soon be separated as Zoe moves on to Loyola University in Chicago.

Although the sisters see many things the same way, they see different benefits of leaving each other. While Chloe thinks there are no pros except getting closer to their younger brother, Zoe thinks it will be good for herself to meet new people and not rely on Chloe as much.

They agree about countless things, including that there is nothing gleeful about Zoe leaving. The sisters both said they will miss each other a great deal. 

When being close with your siblings you can make a lot of memories. With being in high school with your sibling it can make them even more memorable. Sometimes it is the small things that can bring them closer together. 

Both of the Ashcraft sisters said their favorite in-school memory together would be when Zoe was the teacher’s aide for Miss Amanda Craw’s English class. Chloe was a student in the class.

 “Zoe would grade my papers and she would always put little notes or smiley faces on them,” Chloe said. “I always looked forward to reading them,”

Although the sisters will not be as close in distance they still plan to Facetime and keep in touch quite often. 

Some siblings are lucky enough to not have to see each other mostly on a phone screen.

Senior Kadance Logan and sophomore Kalynn Logan plan on staying close together. 

With Kadance going to Ball State University the girls will still see each other on a weekly basis. 

“I’m glad I’ll see her often because it will be boring being the only child at home,” Kalynn said. 

Logan girls
Sophomore Kalynn Logan (left) and senior Kadance Logan have a tight sibling bond. Kadance soon will leave to attend Ball State University.

The Logan sisters might not do everything together, but they drive to school together in the morning.

 “I won’t have a ride to school anymore,” Kalynn said.   “I won’t see her as often and I will miss our morning jam session every so often.”

Some memories stick the most. For Kalynn her favorite memory was beating her sister in powder puff her freshman year. 

Going to school with a sibling is good for the Logan sisters.  

 “My favorite thing about going to school with my sibling is being there to have her back if anyone messes with her,” Kadance said. 

Sometimes after older siblings graduate they seem to drift apart from their younger siblings, but this is not the case. 

“I still want to be close to her,” Kadance said. 

As the seniors walk across the stage they know that they will still be close with their younger siblings. Although they are not in the same school they always will share the memories and laughs they made while in high school.







May 10, 2021

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