Seeing Double

Seeing Double

By Chloe Newsome

On the first day of school, the bell finally rang for the first period to be over. As the teacher’s first period students left and her second period students came in, she wondered why the same person was in her class twice. Little did she know they actually were identical twins. 

There are at least five sets of twins around our school that you may not even know about. Three of the twin pairs are freshmen.

Shue twins
Addison Shue (left) and Katie Shue (right) are among five sets of twins at Delta High School. They are now freshmen. (Photo Provided)

Freshmen Addison and Katie Shue are fraternal twins.

“When we were younger we would dress up in the same clothes and the same hairstyle and then we would go downstairs and we would tell everyone that they couldn’t tell us apart,” Katie said. “Everyone would play along.”

Even though they are twins, they don’t do everything together.

 “Katie is a lot better at singing, art, and theater than I am, and I’m a better runner than she is,” Addison said. 

Vest twins
Kelsey Vest (left) and Kody Vest are shown from a few years back. The Vests, now freshmen, each play on the tennis team. (Photo Provided)

Freshmen Kody and Kelsey Vest also are fraternal twins. 

These twins share a talent with one another.

“We both play and are pretty good at tennis,” Kody said.

  Having a sibling who is the same age as you may come with some problems.

“When we were younger we would fight a lot more, but as we got older the fighting stopped and now it’s just little arguments,” Kelsey said. 

An example of one of their biggest fights ¨is when we had to play doubles together for tennis,¨ Kelsey said. 

Curd twins
Sage Curd (left) and Saphire Curd (right), now senior twins, are pictured from their younger days.. (Photo Provided)

Seniors Sage and Saphire Curd are also fraternal twins.

“My favorite memories of me and Sage are probably the holidays,” Saphire said. 

They have also had some struggles as twins. “Saphire and I did get into fights as we were growing up,” Sage said. 

Rhodes twins
Brady Rhodes (left) and Kadyn Rhodes (right) are the school’s only identical twins. Although both are in red in this Christmas photo, Brady now often wears blue and Kadyn typically wears red. (Photo Provided)

Juniors Kadyn and Brady Rhodes are identical twins. They have been able to play tricks on people. 

“We have switched classes for one class before,΅ Kadyn said. 

Being a twin has its pros and cons just like everything else. 

“My least favorite thing about being a twin is having to share a lot of things we have,” Brady said. “My favorite thing is that we do everything together.” 

Since they are identical twins, it may be hard to tell them apart at times. 

“Usually it’s by what we wear because I usually just wear blue stuff and he normally wears red,” Brady said. 

Freshmen Molly and Mallorie Frost are fraternal twins.

“I am older by one minute,” Molly said. 

There may be disadvantages of being a twin because you have to share birthday parties.

 “I don’t like it because you get less presents,” Malorie said. 

December 13, 2021

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chloenewsome Chloe Newsome is a sophomore at Delta. Chloe enjoys going to cheer, which she has done for three years. She is on two different teams. Chloe spends her free time hanging out with her friends.


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