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Lights, Camera, Action!

By Daisy Callow

For three days in November, the young actors and actresses of the Delta Troupers saw their weeks of hard work pay off in their version of the play, Stefanie Hero

Not only did the students have a fun time creating the play, but some were also able to express their inner selves on the stage. Some of them had a character unlike themselves, but for junior Joshuah Hearn, it wasn’t much different. 

Delivering lines
Josh Hearn (right) delivers his lines to Lily Jones during a performance of Stefanie Hero. Hearn’s energetic character drew many laughs throughout the play. (Photo by Maci Ramsey)

“I really have a fun character,” Hearn said. “He’s like a rock star, magic wizard, villain dude. … It’s just fun to be kind of crazy and stuff.” 

It didn’t feel that much different for senior Drew Auker, either. 

“I had more or less thought of my character as an older version of myself,” Auker said. “I think that made it easier to play that character.” 

Sword fight
Senior Drew Auker engages in a sword fight during the play. This was the first major role for Auker in a school play. (Photo by Maci Ramsey)

For most actors and actresses, the worst part about being in a play is the anxiety when on stage. 

Amber Langdon, senior, can also be one of many to experience some stage fright. 

“I feel a little nervous on stage, but I try to do my best,” she said. “I normally just try to put myself into the character and pretend like there’s nobody else watching.” 

As for the play, the actors and actresses felt confident in their delivery. 

“I think I performed pretty well,” Auker said. “I feel like I put as much as I could into making my character come alive on stage.” 

Langdon said that like all of the cast members, she occasionally “slipped over my words. But we all got back on track quickly.” 

Mrs. Dawn Raleigh, the director of Delta Troupers, had a wonderful time creating the play. 

The thing I enjoy most about any play is working with the kids,” Raleigh said, “and seeing them develop as people and taking on the roles.”

Raleigh most looks forward to just being able to show everyone what her students are capable of doing. 

December 15, 2021

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daisycallow Daisy Callow is a freshman at Delta High School. Her favorite subject in school is English. She has a dog named Django. She enjoys reading and rainy days. She's incredibly awful at science. Her favorite book trope is enemies to lovers. She's a stubborn Capricorn and loves the ocean.


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