New English Teacher Goes from Giggles to Conversations

New English Teacher Goes from Giggles to Conversations

By Gracie Hart

Going from hearing little kids giggling and playing with crayons to adult conversations and textbooks. 

Welcome the new freshman English teacher, Mrs. Ashlyn Carlton, who came from Lewis Cass Elementary in Walton, Ind. 

Her teaching journey began with being a student teacher for second grade and she fell in love with teaching. 

Carlton spent four years teaching second graders at Lewis Cass Elementary. She has enjoyed teaching second grade and it’s been a goal for awhile now to teach “little kids.” 

Carlton family
Mrs. Ashlyn Carlton and Mr. Sam Carlton play with their young son, Calvin. (Photo Provided)

She and her husband, Sam, switched to Delta at the start of the second semester. A huge factor that prompted this was because it made it 40 minutes closer to both of their son Calvin’s grandparents.
Carlton explains the transition for her 10-month-old son was pretty smooth, The first few weeks of daycare were rough. He’s now more comfortable and loves going to his school to see his teachers and new friends. 

She explains how this job position “fell into her lap.”

Carlton expressed that teaching freshmen is more difficult than teaching second grade because second grade is where she has the most experience.  She keeps it consistent and says she is using what she learned teaching second graders and has applied it now to her teaching ninth graders.

 She also said what she enjoys the most about teaching freshmen is being able to have an adult conversation.

“It is very different than talking to 8-year-olds all day, and it is a lot of fun,” she said.

She said she plans on staying in her current teaching placement.


February 23, 2022

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