Chasing His Dream
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Chasing His Dream

By Zach Carter

Chase Huntington looks at a picture of his dad’s Corvette Stingray . He tells himself that he wants his own sports car. Years later, he was able to achieve that dream. 

Chase Huntington
Chase Huntington

His father’s ’78 Stingray was the vehicle that started his love for Corvettes. The Delta High School senior also likes them because they are a high valued sports car for a cheaper price. 

So last year when he bought his car, a 1987 red Corvette, for $5,400, he could not wait to hit the road.

“I had to wait a week to drive it because I didn’t know how to drive a manual, so my dad drove it home,” he says. After learning, he was pumped to start driving it.

Red car
Chase Huntington arrives in the school parking lot in his 1987 red Corvette on Thursday morning, May 5. (Photo by Zach Carter)

His love of cars is one that most car enthusiasts enjoy.

“I want to go fast, I like working on them, and they are fun,” he says.

Huntington has already made up his mind about his next car and has a plan for his current car.

“My next car will likely be a C5 Corvette, but my current Corvette will be a drag car,” he says. If he could have any car, it would be a C6 or a ZR1 (both Corvettes). 

He does not plan on stopping this hobby anytime soon. He plans to make a career out of it. 

“I want to tint windows and detail cars,” he says. “I want to work on cars, but I don’t want to have a bad back by 40.”

Tinting is the art of taking a window and adding a thin laminate film to the glass. This will darken the window itself. Detailing a vehicle involves making it look the best it can be. It  involves getting rid of any contaminants to the inside of the vehicle. Another part of this job is to polish the outside to its highest quality. 

To do this, he wants to intern at a dealership after high school. He prefers that it would be a Chevy dealership. 

Whatever the future holds for Huntington, one thing’s for sure. He will still be driving his red ’87 Corvette.

May 5, 2022

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Zach Carter 2021

Zach Carter Zach Carter is a senior at DHS. He has been in newspaper since his sophomore year. Outside of school, Zach enjoys fishing and is a big sports fan. Some of his favorite sports teams are the Reds and the Colts. He plays on the golf team for Delta.


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