‘Physically Strong and Intimidating’
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‘Physically Strong and Intimidating’

By Gracie Fritz

With graduation coming up, all seniors are being questioned about their futures. Students are influenced to follow their passions and goals. Some want to be doctors, and others want to be engineers. But one senior is particularly interested in the law enforcement field. Specifically criminal justice.

Sydney Randle
Sydney Randle is a member of the Class of 2022. (Photo Provided)

Sydney Randle plans to attend Ball State University for criminal justice. She is still unsure of all the jobs out there in relation to this, but seeing women go through law enforcement camps really caught her eye. The women at these camps push their comfort zone and become stronger. 

  “To look physically strong and intimidating is basically the goal,”  Randle says, explaining her goal to getting physically fit. 

Sydney Randle (seated) works out with her friend, Samantha Pemberton, at Planet Fitness. (Photo Provided)

After a long day at school, Randle enjoys going to the gym to obtain this goal of becoming intimidating.

I love to see myself grow muscle and look so much stronger,” Randle said. “It has been my goal for so long and now that I am able to start accomplishing these goals makes me so happy.”

Lifting weights
Sydney Randle goes through her workout routine. (Photo Provided)

Randle is someone who goes into public without caring what others think. She loves getting herself out of her comfort zone.

“I’ve learned to become a social butterfly,” Randle said.

She also likes being pushed because it helps her become a better person.  “I excel at trying to make myself a better person by doing what I love and not thinking about others’ opinions,” Randle said.

She enjoys doing anything that makes her nervous, and she likes taking chances.

“I tell myself that it’ll be over in two seconds or I’ll have no other chance to do something like this, so I just do it.”


May 5, 2022

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