Eagle Goes Across the Sea
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Eagle Goes Across the Sea

By Kenneth Drollinger

The shrill sound of a whistle echoes throughout the Delta High School fitness center. Senior Nick Lane stops running on the indoor track and heads to the locker room just like any other high school student. But after graduation, instead of going to a locker room, Lane will be going to barracks for the next 19 weeks. 

Lane has decided to continue the family tradition of going into the military and has chosen the Navy as a corpsman. A corpsman is a medical professional in the military that helps patients with disease or injury. 

Nick Lane
Nick Lane is a member of the Class of 2022. (Photo by Kenneth Drollinger)

“There are two different types of corpsman in the Navy: a battle corpsman and a hospital corpsman,” Lane said. “I will be a battle corpsman.”

Lane has a long lineage of family in the military with his father being a chef in the Navy and his grandpa being a mechanic in the Vietnam War. His great-uncle joined the Air Force. 

Even though Lane has several weeks of harsh training ahead of him he will never forget some of his favorite times at high school. One of his favorite activities was the band’s most recent trip to Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla. 

“On the way we kind of built the entire band family atmosphere,” he said.

Lane was in the band from sixth grade and plays the trumpet.  He also served as drum major this year.

Drum major
Drum major Nick Lane leads the band at a football game this fall. (Photo Provided)

The camaraderie of the band is something that he’s looking forward to experiencing in the military, also.

“Look at your brother, look at your sister, fight for them because they are fighting for you.”



May 6, 2022

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