A Simple Life
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A Simple Life

By Daisy Callow

The simple life of senior Destynee Gregory involves reading, watching movies, and learning for her career of nursing. 

Gregory is a hard-working student here at Delta High School who plans to go to Ball State University to study nursing. 

Destynee Gregory
Destynee Gregory is a member of the Class of 2022. (Photo by Macie Jones)

Gregory wants to receive a college degree in nursing instead of simply obtaining a license. She can achieve more in the future by doing so. “There’s higher salary, better work shifts, and more desirable work duties,” Gregory says. 

Going to Ball State is going to be a big change for Gregory.  

“College opens up a lot of opportunities for me in terms of properly educating me in the ways of the human body and more,” Gregory says. 

She plans to live in the dorms, away from her family. She’s going to miss them, but will love the freedom she feels while she’s at college. 

In Gregory’s spare time, she loves to read and watch comedy movies. 

“Comedic movies just always make me feel happy,” Gregory says. 

Gregory will be missing things about Delta High School, though. 

Destynee Gregory (back left) poses with family members at a park. (Photo Provided)

She will miss the close communities and comfort level here.  “As well as the easy access to seeing my friends so close by,” Gregory says. 

She will get a new start at Ball State, and hopefully her love for science will continue on throughout college. 





May 10, 2022

About Author

daisycallow Daisy Callow is a freshman at Delta High School. Her favorite subject in school is English. She has a dog named Django. She enjoys reading and rainy days. She's incredibly awful at science. Her favorite book trope is enemies to lovers. She's a stubborn Capricorn and loves the ocean.


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