New Year, New Field
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New Year, New Field

By Fancy Robbins and Chloe Newsome

After 13 years of Delta’s first artificial turf field ever, the football team deserved something new for the new season.

On May 19, the renovations of the new turf football field began. On Aug. 1, the football team finally was able to practice on the new turf for the first time.

The team is adjusting on the new turf by practicing to prepare for their first home game, which is tonight (Friday, Aug. 26). The Eagles will play Columbia City at 7:30 p.m.

Quarterback Kaiden Bond prepares for the next play against Muncie Central. (Photo by Madisyn Sauve)

Junior quarterback Kaiden Bond is excited to be a part of the new turf field.

“I like the end zones the best and also the eagle in the middle,” Bond said. “There’s nothing I dislike about the turf.” 

The new turf is also exciting for the football coaches. Head coach Chris Overholt is eager for the first game on the new field. 

“It brings a whole new element to what our schools are doing with athletics,” Overholt said. “I know the players are very excited. The other turf went well past its expiration date just because we took care of it. We were due for something new.”

Running back
Bryce Stroble (34) eludes the defense in a JV victory over Muncie Central. (Photo Provided)

Sophomore Bryce Stroble is a running back on varsity and JV for the Eagles. 

“My favorite part about the turf is that even if there is a lot of rain or snow, we can still play on the turf because there will be no mud or anything like that,” Stroble said. 

One thing that Stroble dislikes is all the pellets that get in your shoes and on your clothes. 

Sophomore Keighan Minor is a nose guard for the JV football team.

“It’s awesome,” Minor says. “There’s also new colors that I like.”

Football player
Senior Caleb Elliott runs for yardage after catching a pass against Muncie Central. (Photo by Madisyn Sauve)

Senior Caleb Elliott is a wide receiver for the varsity football team. 

“I’m most excited to just have these nice facilities,” he said. “It’s nice to go out and have a new field and we also have new uniforms.”

Senior Blue Crew participant Gaige Winchester believes the new turf will make the players faster.

“It gives gym teachers Devin Wilburn and Jacob VanPelt opportunities they couldn’t do on the old turf during gym class such as dig out pellets,” Winchester said.

According to Principal Chris Conley, the track and turf project cost about $600,000 combined. “It was paid for by something called a General Obligation Bond, which is a $2 million bond,” he said. 

The bond paid for the football field, new track, and heating and cooling. The new turf field was done by Sprinturf.

Conley said the turf should maintain a lifespan of 15 years. He said the track project will start at the end of August.



August 26, 2022

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chloenewsome Chloe Newsome is a sophomore at Delta. Chloe enjoys going to cheer, which she has done for three years. She is on two different teams. Chloe spends her free time hanging out with her friends.


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