Up For Debate?
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Up For Debate?

By Grayson Zoller

Words have been the most important tool humanity has had. They are a way to avoid violent conflict, come to agreements, and influence others. Delta High School has decided to participate in the age-old activity of debate.

Co-founded by sophomores Mackemzie Lipps and Corbin Malchow, the debate club is for students who are interested in structured, moderated, and team-based debates. 

Sophomore Mackemzie Lipps is a co-founder of the Speech and Debate club. (Photo by Mel Zoller)

The pair came up with the idea after meeting during their freshman year, but then forgot about it for a while. At the end of the school year, they revisited the idea and talked to English teacher Miss Amanda Craw, who was receptive to the idea.

Malchow says the kind of person who should join the club is “Someone that does not scream and yell when they think they are right and the other person is wrong,” 

Lipps and Malchow worked together to make a set of rules that would have to be presented to principal Conley in order to get the club approved.

Sophomore Corbin Malchow worked to co-found the Speech and Debate Club. (Photo by Mel Zoller)

Starting this year, the debate club is accepting members. Those interested can go to Miss Craw’s in room 216 to get an informational paper on the club. The first club meeting will be held on Thursday, September 1, at 8:05 AM.

The club plans to debate topics such as ethics, climate change and abortion.

There are plans to have debates within the club, which will not have a determined winner, and participation in debates with other schools, which will have a winner decided using a points system based on the quality of arguments made.

The debate club is fast growing, with around 20 students already signed up. While many things may be debated within, student interest in this club is undebatably high.

August 31, 2022

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