New Beginnings
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New Beginnings

By Brylee Beckley

SARS-CoV-2, or most known as Covid-19, is still affecting schools more than two years later.

“It is difficult right now to find teachers,” Principal Chris Conley said. “There certainly is a shortage and a high demand right now. However, it has been like this since Covid.”

Prior to Covid-19 the school would receive around 5 applications per job position, now we only have 2 for each of the vacant positions.

Mrs. Taylor Lennon has been on maternity leave throughout the school year so far. Mrs. Lennon will be returning to school after fall break. Retired teacher Mr. Kip Omstead has stepped into her position while she is gone. He is teaching freshman and sophomore English classes. 

Dr. Lance Brand this summer changed positions from a science teacher to the Assistant Technology Director for the school corporation. Now Mr. Adam Lennon teaches the courses Dr. Brand taught, which are Anatomy & Physiology, the dual credit Biology II class, and Biology I. With these switches, there was a vacant science teacher position. Retired teacher Mr. Todd Trehearne returned to the school for only the first semester to fill in this role, while the school is looking for a qualified candidate. 

“With all teachers we look for someone with the proper credentials, the ability to positively interact with high school students, and someone who wants to commit to being part of a special place here at Delta,” Conley said.

Ms. Katie Habansky teaches the dual credit BSU Communication-210 class as well as high school speech. She has taken a new job and will be at a software company where she will be in their installations and consulting department. 

She had made the decision to leave after she moved to Fishers last winter and realized the 50 minute commute to school every day and every night was too much.

“I needed something that was closer to where I live,” Habansky said. “I wouldn’t have moved on from Delta otherwise.”

Photo of staff member
DHS speech teacher Katherine Habansky (Photo provided.)

The school is in the process of finding and hiring a teacher to replace Habansky. 

Ms. Habansky has been a part of the staff for seven years. Conley believes she is one of the kindest people on staff.

“Ms. Habansky has been an outstanding teacher for us,” Conley said. “She was able to teach dual credit speech, which was an area we wanted to add. She looks out for and cares for her students. Not only that, but she has been very supportive of her fellow teachers and those of us in administration.”

Habanksy’s last day will be Oct. 7.

In contrast, Mr. Kurt Griffis just started his first day at the high school on Monday, Sept. 19. 

Griffis taught Technology 7 at Delta Middle School, but now he is taking over Mr. Curt Grams’ classes.  

“I’m most looking forward to learning and doing everything new and different,” Griffis said.

He is also the head boys’ soccer coach. This is the first time he will be in the same building all day with his athletes.

“The only thing that really has changed with my athletes being in the same building as I am is where we watch film, but it is nice to see them in a school environment,” Griffis said. 

Not only will he  be in the same school as his athletes, he also be will teach near his wife, Mrs. Lauren Griffis. They share a room right next to each other, room numbers 123 and 124. 

Photo of two people
Teachers Lauren and Kurt Griffis have been married for 24 years. (Photo provided by Lauren Griffis)

“When I applied for the job I of course knew that we would be right next to each other,” Griffis said. “I always know where my lady is at.”

Mr. Grams is now a Technology Lab Manager at Purdue Polytechnic in Anderson. He also is teaching online and in-person classes at Purdue.

Grams is now teaching a different age demographic in a new learning environment. He now teaches adults from ages 18-40.  

This has been a plan for him for a long time.

“The timing is not the best, but when you have opportunities present themselves, you cannot pass it up,” Grams said.

September 29, 2022

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