It’s In The Game

It’s In The Game

By Matthew Shears

When people need a way to relax and wind down from school, some may choose to go out and run, others may decide to join a sports team, but these students and teenagers go to gaming for a release.

At the start of this school year there was an E-Sports club for students who have a love for gaming instead of traditional sports.

But when former construction and technology teacher Mr. Curt Grams took a new job at Purdue University-Anderson during the first semester, we lost this club.

In the beginning there were practices. “It went well. We had a couple of practices and people seemed to really enjoy it,” junior Kiean Swanner said

Students haven’t had the ability to go to this club and release their stress with school in a club with their friends. 

“I would really like to have the E-Sports club come back,” Swanner says.

Kiean Swanner playing games on his phone

There is an issue, though. There aren’t enough students interested in this club that are reaching out to teachers to have it come back.

“If enough people were interested I would love to start it up,” new construction and technology teacher Mr. Kurt Griffis says.

        “I think we have about 5 to 10 percent of our student population that would be interested,” he said.

People have to be interested for the school to do anything. If enough students like you want this to happen or just want a place where you can go after school to relax with friends and meet some new people who love to game, you could help make it a reality.

Students playing games in Mr. Griffis’s Class

“I think it’s really important for people to have a release, somewhere they can go to kind of forget about everything,” Swanner says.

If you’re asking questions about how often it would be or where this will be, this should answer those questions.

“It would depend on the number of interested students. I would prefer two days a week.” Mr. Griffis said 

He said after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays might be an option.

He has also said that in the club you will practice and try to compete against other schools.

March 2, 2023

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Matthew Shears

matthewshears Matthew Shears is a sophomore at Delta High School. He loves to game and hang out with friends and his pets.


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