Too Many Decisions!
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Too Many Decisions!

By Jacob Williams

Graduating seniors have many things on their minds and one of them is what college to go to. One senior had a semester’s worth of deciding on what college he thought suited him best.

Caleb Elliott is that senior who had to make a difficult decision on which college was best suited for him. Caleb had a wide selection on which colleges he wanted to go to and he narrowed it down to Trine University and Wabash College.
Although he knew he wanted to play football he didn’t know who to play for. Caleb went to Indiana Wesleyan two times, Wabash College three times, Trine once, and Franklin College once.

Even though he went to Wabash three times and Trine once, he chose Trine University. One question Caleb asked himself was, what was so appealing?

Caleb Elliot (17) celebrating with teammates after a touchdown. (Photo by Emma Anderson )

“Trine is a small school and they joke and say that it is a mile-long campus because it is pretty close to a mile long, but I just thought it looked and felt most like home when I went,” Elliott said. “I think the community there is really good and the football program that they have there is something I want to be a part of and it is the most similar to what we have here.”

“I appreciated how much interest they had in me,” Elliott said about Wabash College.

Another factor heavily influenced Caleb’s decision. One of Caleb’s friends, senior Clay Batio, will be roommates and track buddies with Caleb.

Caleb Elliott with Clay Batio at National Honors Society induction (Photo Provided)

“Everything starts as a joke with me and Clay. That is how I became roommates with him and how I started to run on track,” Elliott said. “I asked Clay as a joke ‘If I were to go to Trine can we be roommates?’ Clay said ‘yeah’ and now we are roommates.”

In November Batio signed to run track and cross country at Trine.

“It is cool that I will get to go to places with someone that I have known for a long time which will make it more comfortable and easier to get accustomed to college,” Batio said. “I can’t wait to be teammates with him and get to compete and get better together.”

Caleb Elliott with siblings (from left) Levi, Mia, and Aaron at his signing (Photo by Tim Cleland)

The final decision was the football program. Caleb believes that the Trine football program is phenomenal.

“What I want in a program is just to have success,” Elliott said. “One of the things that separates them from the others is their program. I know Coach (Overholt) really enjoys their recruiters and he models a lot of their stuff into our program.”

May 19, 2023

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