Trunk or Treat Coming Wednesday

Trunk or Treat Coming Wednesday

By RJ Townsend

Update: Wednesday had a strong turnout for Trunk or Treat this year, including over two times the number of kids from last year. Both Mackemzie and Corbin are overwhelmed by the outcome. Check out these sweet picks from last night. 

This Wednesday, October 25 a special event will be bringing high school, middle school, and elementary school students together with candy. 

This rare occurrence is called Trunk or Treat. The name says it all as kids of all ages are allowed to come to Delta and get a sweet treat from high school clubs, organizations, and sports. 

Thanks to two high school students who bring the new tradition to life along with their teacher sponsor, this event is possible. Corbin Malchow and Mackemzie Lipps are both juniors who brought the idea to English teacher Mrs. Amanda Craw, who immediately loved the idea. 

“Trunk or Treat was just one of the things I thought of,” Mackemzie said. “That’s like a really doable thing. And it really appeals to families.”

Trunk or Treat works like this. High school students who are in various organizations will show up half an hour early [5:30] to set up games and decor at their designated car in the west parking lot [bus drop off]. 

They are welcome to dress up, but nothing too scary for the kids. Then kids from Royerton, Albany and Eaton elementaries will arrive to the parking lot and have an hour to visit the cars from 6-7 p.m. Then they will go around and earn candy from games and meet some of the clubs and teams the high school has to offer. 

Volleyball players
Volleyball players show off their Trunk or Treat car at last year’s event. (Photo Provided)

Mackemzie wants to be able to bring more of our eagle families together, so when her church started doing Trunk or Treat her brain clicked. That’s when she told her friend Corbin, who loves making and setting up school functions, about the idea.

“It’s one of my favorite things to plan, I’m hoping more people show up this year,” Corbin said “It’s one of the most unique things we have planned this year.”

So when the two went to Mrs. Craw she knew immediately she’d be happy to give them a hand to get the idea through to the administration. 

“We have very few events where we can really celebrate all that Delta is and get some of our younger kids to come over and see what we’re all about and how we create community within the school,” Craw said. 

More than 20 cars are signed up to participate in Wednesday’s Trunk or Treat. These include the Freshmen Mentors, the Spanish club, and football, baseball, and many more. 

Take your shot
Under the watchful eye of basketball team member Jackson Wors, an elementary girl tries to make a basket for candy. (Photo Provided)

The Freshmen Mentor car is being helped by Layna Bowman, the president of the club. Layna participated last year for the volleyball team. 

“I loved it last year,” Layna said. “I thought it was really fun just like being out there with the kids.” 

The baseball team also participated in the gathering last year. They have many players going to show their eagle pride, like Gavin Case who’s a junior on the varsity team. 

“We had a game where each age group had to like hit a certain amount of velocity while throwing a ball to get candy,” Gavin said. 

Last year the Spanish club’s car and decor was one to look out for. They had been one of the most excited groups to participate in Trunk or Treat. 

Spanish car
The Spanish club car got a lot of attention at last year’s event. (Photo Provided)

One piece of advice from students and teachers is to dress warm and make sure you come excited for a bunch of early Halloween sweet treats. 


October 24, 2023

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