Newspaper Class Wins BSU Cardinal Award
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Newspaper Class Wins BSU Cardinal Award

By Fancy Robbins

Delta’s communication classes (Eagle Zone News broadcast show, Eagle’s Eye online newspaper and Deltonian yearbook) travelled to Ball State University’s 69th annual Journalism Day event, joining more than 1,100 students from high schools across Indiana and surrounding states.

Students were able to attend lectures from different speakers about topics involving all aspects of journalism, media and communications. The keynote speakers were Kara and Adam White, who are documentary directors and producers that have both won Emmy awards.

The newspaper class achieved something that has never happened before. The Eagle’s Eye staff won the Cardinal Award for best online news program, finishing ahead of numerous other schools that are larger in size. 

Delta’s Cardinal Award. (Photo by Fancy Robbins)

Mr. Tim Cleland, the communications teacher since 1997, has taken his students to J-Day nearly every year.  This is the first Cardinal Award for him.

“Anytime you win an award without different classifications for the size of schools, it says something for the current staff,” Cleland said.

He added that he was not expecting to win the award, but he was proud of his students.

On top of the Cardinal Award, multiple students won individual awards.


Kye Berger –

Jackson Teal –

Fancy Robbins –

Tru Swoboda – 

Tru also won a superior award for an infographic she made.

Grace Chalfant, Savauna Roberts, Kaedyn Norton – Yearbook Opening Spread



Jackson Teal – 1000 Points… But Not Done Yet

Jackson also won an excellent award for an infographic he made.

Landon Williams – All Gas, No Brakes

Cameron Deckman – Discovering Delta: The Radio Kit

Jacob Williams – Fatigued by Obstacles

Maddy Cooper – Dream to Reality

Fancy Robbins – No One Fights Alone

Fancy Robbins – ‘He was the one teaching us’



Tru Swoboda – News Story

Matthew Shears – Sports Story

Cameron Deckman – Sports Story

Tyce Dishman – Feature Story and Sports Story

Emma Willoughby – Sports Photo

Maddy Cooper – Sports Photo and Feature Story

Yaroslav Kobernyk – Sports Photo

Daniel Tokar – Sports Photo

Audrey Anderson and Olivia Marshall – Yearbook Spread

RJ Townsend – News Story


Jackson Teal, a freshman, won three awards at J-Day, including a superior.

Jackson holding the Cardinal Award. (Photo by Fancy Robbins)

“I went from not being able to write a story to writing some pretty good ones, all thanks to Mr. Cleland,” Teal said.

The newspaper class is mainly underclassmen, with no seniors and just one junior. The lone junior is Fancy Robbins, who also won three awards.

“Last year we had a lot of seniors so we had to adapt to having a younger class, but we have all been helping each other with our stories,” Robbins said.  “As a junior I think having a ‘leader’ role this year and being able to help everyone will help me become a better writer in the future.”

Another sophomore, RJ Townsend, who’s in her second year of the class has also been successful in writing.

“We’ve definitely hit the gas when it comes to our stories and getting them out on the website,” Townsend said.

Cleland agrees. He also said that having human interest stories and appealing hooks has helped with the success of the class.


April 29, 2024

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