Senior Salute

Senior Salute

By Grey Backus

Twenty years in the military is a commitment some aren’t ready to make,

But two Delta High School seniors are ready to make that step and serve their country.

Callon Puente is one of these students. He plans to go into the Air Force to become a pilot for 20 years.

His father, Steve Puente, served as a cub scout in the Army for six years and influenced Callon to get into the Air Force. 

“I’ve always wanted to follow in his footsteps,” Callon says.

Callon is excited to see new parts of the world and to travel during his time in the Air Force.

He chose the Air Force over other military careers because he saw all the variety of jobs and the requirements it took to get into it.

Callon trains Judo, an unarmed Japanese martial art, which will help him stay in shape for basic training.

He wants to get his pilot’s license while in the Air Force and plans to fly medical professionals around when he retires.

Callon Judo
Callon Puente competing at a Martial Arts competition (Photo Provided)

Another senior, Braxton Russell, is going to The Citadel, a military college located in Charleston, South Carolina. He will be going there to wrestle for four years but afterward plans to serve for 20 years as a Navy SEAL.

“I think the structure of the military is good and it’s a great way to keep in shape,” Russell said. “I also think it is a great way for me to do something productive in my life.”

To prepare for the Navy he is staying active by running and doing other physical activities. 

He looks forward to traveling and thinks it would be a unique career. 

“I wanted to be different from just anyone else in the world,” Braxton says.

While in the Navy he plans to save money to start a gym when he retires.

Braxton Russell
Braxton Russell winning a wrestling match for Delta (Photo Provided)

Cameron Michael is a senior who has already completed boot camp and is now on to Marine combat training. 

Cameron will be serving as a Marine for five years. He is excited to have a steady career in the Marines and looks forward to traveling around the world. 

Dylan Patton, Cameron’s friend, talked to him and led him to a Marine recruiter. After that Cameron felt like this career could give him a sense of purpose. 

“I really needed that in life,” Cameron said.

After Cameron serves he plans to get a job at an airline.

Cameron Michael
Cameron Michael in his video for the Senior Commencement video (Photo Provided)

Gavrie Richey, a senior who is already in boot camp, is training to be in the Army. He specifically is training for the 82nd Airborne Division, which is part of the Army that focuses on parachute entrances into hostile situations.

Gavrie plans to serve for four years but is undecided about what he will do after he serves.

To keep in shape Gavrie stayed active in weightlifting and did military drills on the weekends with other military members.

He has had many members of his family in the military. His uncle, Aaron Marlow, is a retired Green Beret who served for 22 years and won a Purple Heart. This influenced Gavrie the most.

Gavrie thought the Army was a good idea because the Army provided discipline, teamwork, and some direction on where he would like to go in life.

 Mr. Travis Richey, a Delta Middle School science teacher who is Gavrie’s father, thinks that Gavrie’s decision to join the Army will only be beneficial for him.

I’m proud that he made a choice to defend this nation and the great freedom it offers,” Mr Richey said. “I think this choice will only make him a better man.”

Gavrie Richey
Gavrie Richey standing next to the Infantryman plaque in his Army uniform (Photo Provided)
May 14, 2024

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