Current Staff


Tim Cleland

Tim is the Journalism teacher at Delta High School since 1998. He is also the head coach of both the boy’s (since 1990) and girl’s (since 1995) tennis team. Tim is also the president of the Indiana High School Tennis Coach’s Association (since 1999) and has been inducted into the Indiana High School Tennis Hall of Fame (Class of 2008).


Brylee beckley

 Brylee Beckley is a sophomore at Delta. This will be her second year in Journalism. Brylee is on the varsity cheer and tennis team. She loves to watch The Bachelorette/Bachelor series.


Eleni Bow

Eleni Bow watches too many cartoons and takes too many photographs. Never seen without paint on her hands. An aspiring photojournalist and journalist while a senior (!) in high school. Stops to pet every cat or dog she sees. A day filled with new experiences is a day well spent. A day without a rainstorm is a day wasted. Currently listening to I Won’t by AJR and THAT SUX by Royal and the Serpent.


kaden crist

Kaden Crist is a freshman at Delta High School. He plays baseball and tennis for Delta. He also likes the Colts and the Dodgers.


owen cupp

Owen Cupp is a sophomore at Delta. He plays tennis year-round and enjoys watching tennis as well. He also plays video games in his spare time.


cameron deckman

Cameron Deckman is a freshman. He likes to play baseball, and his favorite team is the Reds even though we really stink this year.


cody dickin

Cody Dickin is a senior at Delta High School. He is on the soccer team and in band. He is hoping to go to Purdue next year and play in the marching band. His favorite sports team is Real Madrid.


Caleb Elliott

Caleb Elliott is senior at DHS. He plays football, basketball, and baseball. He enjoys hanging out with friends and watching football on the weekends. He is involved with FCA, NHS, Freshman Mentors, and Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy.


lucas firestone

Lucas Firestone is a freshman at Delta High School. He likes to play sports, mainly football. His favorite things are hanging out with friends and family and getting hyped up before games.

Trey Gilbert


trey gilbert

Trey Gilbert is a Senior in high school he enjoy watching sports and is thinking about pursuing a career in journalism. The Dallas Cowboys will win the Super Bowl this year. Before going to school at Delta he lived in the great state of Texas for 5 years.


collin haughn

Collin Haughn is a sophomore at DHS. He is on the bowling team and golf team. He likes to play video games.


caitlyn kirby

Caitlyn Kirby is a junior at Delta High School, and this is her second year in newspaper. She is planning on being a journalist in the future, so writing is one of her favorite hobbies. She plays tennis and does cheer at Delta. In her free time, she loves to drive around with no destination, scroll through Tiktok, or go to the gym.


Addy Klontz

Addy Klontz is a freshman at DHS. She likes to watch Ohio State football with her family. She is also on a Level 2 team at COLE Academy.

Chloe Newsome


chloe newsome

Chloe Newsome is a sophomore at Delta. Chloe enjoys going to cheer, which she has done for three years. She is on two different teams. Chloe spends her free time hanging out with her friends.


ashton phillips

Ashton Phillips is a sophomore. He enjoys playing basketball and hangin’ out with his friends.


fancy robbins

Fancy Robbins is a sophomore taking her second year of journalism at Delta. Some of her hobbies include playing softball, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. 


kylee robles

Kylee Robles is a freshman in DHS. She enjoys doing cross country, track and swim. But also eating her pancakes with mustard.


Matthew shears

Matthew Shears is a freshman at DHS. He loves to game and hang out with friends and his pets.


daniel tokar

Daniel Tokar is a freshman at DHS. He plays tennis at DHS. He lived in Ukraine for 9 years. He is a Ukrainian and US citizen. He loves pizza and vareniki.


mia torres

Mia is the type of person who knows every lyric of every song, so much so that if you play something she absolutely adores, she will sing her ever loving heart out. Mia is energetic, warm, and passionate. She will never be seen without a book in hand, and a pair of headphones. In her free time, Mia watches Gilmore Girls, reads, listens to music, plans her future, and hangs out with her mom.


emerson townsend

Emerson “Emme” Townsend is a sophomore at Delta High School. This is her second year on the Eagle’s Eye staff. She enjoys spending time with her friends and watching Michigan football.


rj townsend

RJ Townsend is a freshman at Delta High School. She enjoys going to school events, going out with friends, and traveling. She is also a fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Manchester United, and the Detroit Red Wings.


macy weddle

Macy Weddle is a freshman at Delta High School. You will pretty much always see her with vanilla coffee and her phone in hand. She loves dogs and hanging out with her friends.


jacob williams

Jacob Williams is a freshman at Delta High School. He likes to play tennis and baseball.


luke williams

Luke Williams is a senior at Delta High School. They like to listen to music and enjoy playing games in their spare time.


kinsley wilson

Kinsley Wilson is a freshman at DHS. She plays JV volleyball and does diving. Her favorite things are hanging out with her friends, getting hype before games, Sprite, Lil Yachty and eating Puerta.

Gaige Winchester 2021


Gaige Winchester

Gaige Winchester is a senior at Delta. He plays Baseball and Tennis for Delta, and enjoys lifting weights, pickup basketball, and playing spikeball with his friends. He is a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings, The Tampa Bay Rays, and The Miami Heat.


Grayson Zoller

Grayson Zoller is a senior at Delta High School. A fan of music you’ve (probably) never heard of, indie games, cathode ray tube televisions, and video editing. He also has a vast amount of outdated electronics that he is more than willing to tell you about and an endless hatred of Hewlett Packard and their printers.

2022 Former Staff

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