Current Staff


Tim Cleland

Tim is the Journalism teacher at Delta High School since 1998. He is also the head coach of both the boy’s (since 1990) and girl’s (since 1995) tennis team. Tim is also the president of the Indiana High School Tennis Coach’s Association (since 1999) and has been inducted into the Indiana High School Tennis Hall of Fame (Class of 2008).

Brylee Beckley


Brylee beckley

Brylee Beckley is a freshman at Delta. She is starting her first year in Journalism. Brylee spends her time on the cheer mat or on the tennis courts. She has done 10 years of all-star cheer and is now on the varsity cheer team. Brylee spends her free time watching any reality tv show, her favorite being Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


Eleni Bow

Eleni Bow watches too many cartoons and takes too many photographs. Never seen without paint on her hands. An aspiring photojournalist and journalist while a junior in high school. Stops to pet every cat or dog she sees. A day filled with new experiences is a day well spent. A day without a rainstorm is a day wasted.

Kenneth Drollinger


kenneth drollinger

Kenneth Drollinger is a freshmen at DHS. He likes playing video games. He also enjoys helping others. A day without sunshine is a day wasted.

Cooper Bratton


cooper bratton

Cooper Bratton is a freshman at Delta. He enjoys playing basketball, football, and golf. He likes the Cowboys, Reds, and Pacers. He also enjoys hanging with friends and playing video games.

daisy callow

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Zach Carter 2021


Zach Carter

Zach Carter is a senior at DHS. He has been in newspaper since his sophomore year. Outside of school, Zach enjoys fishing and is a big sports fan. Some of his favorite sports teams are the Reds and the Colts. He plays on the golf team for Delta.


Caleb Elliott

Caleb Joshua Elliott is a junior who is really friendly. He’s 15 years old and has an awesome family. They all love sports and are true to their church. He participates in basketball and baseball, where he hopes to carry on one in college. My favorite movie would be The Princess Bride, which he considers to be very underrated. In his free time he’s often finding ways to improve, whether that’s in sports, religion, or as a person. By the time he graduates he hopes to come home in March knowing his basketball team finished its season with a win.

Trey Gilbert


trey gilbert

Trey Gilbert Is a junior at Delta Highschool. He runs track and watches sports. His favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys who are going to win the super bowl this season. He also spent 5 years living in Texas and has travelled a lot in this country.

Gracie Hart

gracie hart

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Caitlyn Kirby


caitlyn kirby

Caitlyn is a sophomore at Delta High School, and this is her first year in newspaper. She is interested in working in journalism in the future so this will be a good learning experience. She plays tennis and does cheer at Delta high school. In her free time, she loves to be outside, and spend time with friends and church family.

Chloe Newsome

chloe newsome

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draven perry

Draven Perry is a freshmen at Delta High School. This is also his first year of journalism. He finds his interest in history and photography.


fancy robbins

Fancy Robbins is a freshman at DHS, taking her first year of journalism. She plays softball and has for over 9 years. Some of her hobbies include listening to music, playing Minecraft, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends. You could normally find her listening to Kanye, Travis Scott, the Weeknd or watching All American.

Nathan Sites 2021

Nathan Sites

Nathan Sites likes to write short stories for fun, mostly horror, so he decided to join the Eagle’s Eye staff so that he could put his writing skills to use by writing stories about what is going on around Delta High School. He one day wishes to write a book that everyone knows the name of. He also loves strategy games like Pokemon and chess. He wouldn’t say he’s the best, but he one day hopes to be!

Amelia Thompson


amelia thompson

Amelia Thompson is a freshman at Delta High School. She likes reading fantasy books. She has 4 younger siblings and 8 pets.

Emerson Townsend


emerson townsend

 Emerson “Emme” Townsend is a freshman at Delta High School. She is a cheerleader at Delta and enjoys spending free time with friends. She loves March Madness and wants to attend the University of Michigan.

Kelsey Vest


kelsey vest

Kelsey Vest is a freshmen at Delta and has been playing tennis for close to 6 years now. She loves helping others and doing art. Her goal is to become a special education teacher to help out with others in the community.


ava west

Ava West is a Freshman in her first year of journalism. She loves writing but she also plays travel softball, and in her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends and watching Netflix.

Gaige Winchester 2021


Gaige Winchester

Gaige Winchester is a junior at Delta. He plays Baseball and Tennis for Delta, and enjoys lifting weights, pickup basketball, and playing spikeball with his friends. He is a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings, The Tampa Bay Rays, and The Miami Heat.


Grayson Zoller

Grayson Zoller is a junior at Delta High School. A fan of music you’ve (probably) never heard of, indie games, cathode ray tube televisions, and video editing. He also has a vast amount of outdated electronics that he is more than willing to tell you about and an endless hatred of Hewlett Packard and their printers.

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