Back In Business

Back In Business

By Abby Rouse

As COVID-19 came sweeping through this past school year, the option of virtual was put to use. Virtual could be better or more difficult depending on the students’ preferences. 

As 89 students started virtual the first semester, 50 kids are remaining virtual this second semester. 

As a few Delta students talked  it seemed that virtual experience did not go too hot for them. 

“I had no motivation and was failing my classes,” senior Maranda Stotler said. 

Stotler was one of the students who participated in the virtual school option during the first semester. Stotler came back to in-person school at the start of the second semester.

Stotler portrait
Senior Maranda Stotler

“It’s a lot easier in person than it is online,“ she said. 

Stotler is not the only student concerned about not passing her classes online. Junior Kaydence McNabb also had the same thought process as Stotler. When in person these girls say they are more motivated to do their work. 

“I feel as if I learn better in the classroom. Granted I passed my classes, but I like being with my friends and being able to see some of my favorite teachers again,” McNabb said.

Being at home feels so normal that some kids find it dull and the experience seems unreal. 

It’s just boring at home,” said freshman Tristan Fugate, another student who has returned to in-person school this semester. 

Fugate portrait
Freshman Tristan Fugate

McNabb thought that being virtual was just fictitious. It may be because she was virtual for the whole first semester. 

I missed the feeling of being at school, and it kind of brought back some reality to my life,” McNabb said.

With COVID-19 happening during this school year some people fear the thought of getting quarantined. While going back and forth from quarantined to in-person classes could make a lot of kids struggle. It may be a struggle with school. McNabb was one of those students.

”I did virtual because my mom kind of figured that we would shut down again at some point so it was just easier to start and finish online instead of start in-person then move to online,” McNabb said.

Other kids might just fear getting quarantined because it affects their everyday life such as not being able to work or see some of their friends and family members. This happened to be the problem for Stotler.

“I did not want to keep getting quarantined and miss work and school,” she said.

As for some people they like coming back to school to interact with others students. Being with others may often help motivate someone. With kids being together and asking for help, that can help certain students. While virtual learning there was limited interaction with classmates and even teachers. There were no zooms and it was online with no face to face interaction. 

“You didn’t know who was in your class so you couldn’t really ask for help from others if needed,” McNabb said.

As for Stotler she did not seem to care for being around other people. For some people being by themselves could be best. 

“I don’t like people. I didn’t miss being around all these people I didn’t like,” she said. 

As these students start their journey back to in-person school, they would not want to be virtual again. With the struggles of virtual they hope to stay in person and to keep motivated.

February 9, 2021

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Abby Rouse Abby Rouse is a sophomore from Delta High School. She plays basketball and softball. In her free time she likes to be outdoors or watching sports. Sometimes she likes to watch Netflix. Her favorite foods are pizza and chicken quesadillas.


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