Setting Up for Success: New Volleyball Coach at Delta
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Setting Up for Success: New Volleyball Coach at Delta

By Gaige Winchester

The ball hits three sets of hands and then the ground. Footsteps run to a huddle and only one voice is audible.

The voice of new head volleyball coach Mrs. Kylie Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Johnson supervises Foods students cleaning after making mac-n-cheese. (Photo by Eleni Bow)

 Delta High School’s new Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) teacher and head volleyball coach graduated from Delta in 2007. She played volleyball here, then played two years in college at the University of West Florida before finishing her undergraduate degree at Ball State University. 

She coached in the Munciana Volleyball Club for 10 years before accepting the Delta teaching and volleyball coaching job.

She studied dietetics in college, which helped make the Delta position a good fit for her. Pairing that with the volleyball coaching position being open, she said it made her choice a no-brainer in her eyes.

She said with her new job position, she’s most looking forward to doing labs with her students. She said she’s excited about teaching kids to cook because she cooks every day and although eating out is convenient, it often can waste money. 

Her goals for the season and the future are to build back. 

In 2006, while Coach Johnson (maiden name Dorton) was playing at Delta they went 22-13, winning the Hoosier Heritage Conference for the ninth straight season.

“When I played at Delta we were very successful,” Johnson said. “Delta just hasn’t been for a while. I think everyone is ready for a change. Everyone is open to someone new coming in and making drastic changes and a big difference. I think the players have been very receptive to going out of their comfort zone, and I just look forward to a positive year.”

Last season they produced a record of 6 wins, 13 losses, and were 0-7 in conference play with a first-round exit in the sectional tournament.

“Our coach is a lot more dedicated to our team … and she really just loves the sport and she’s super competitive,” senior volleyball player MJ Smith said.

Adding to that, junior volleyball player Kendra Keesling gives her new coach high praise.

 “She’s made a huge impact on the way our mindset is,” Keesling said. “Not to mention how she’s advanced our athletic ability with the way we’ve been lifting.

Using her past experience at Munciana, paired with fresh ideas and her competitive nature, Coach Johnson will look to make a short term and long term positive impact on the program.

September 8, 2021

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Gaige Winchester 2021

Gaige Winchester Gaige Winchester is a senior at Delta. He plays Baseball for Delta, and enjoys lifting weights, pickup basketball, and playing spikeball with his friends. He is a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings, The Tampa Bay Rays, and The Miami Heat.


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