Delta Welcomes New Nurse
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Delta Welcomes New Nurse

By Riley Bratton

Although Mrs. Angie Carson is known for treating students, she also has been aiding old furniture. Mrs. Carson, who became the new school nurse at the start of the second semester, has been upcycling furniture for six years. 

Upcycling furniture is taking old, wasted or broken furniture and repurposing it into tables, end tables, coffee bars, and much more. 

“I love to decorate and redo so redoing furniture is my passion,” Mrs. Carson said. “My kids say my entire house is a Pinterest house.”

Mrs. Carson and her husband have been in the process of looking at designs for a small building with air, heat and ventilation. “I would like to start a small business and have a web page,” she said.

One day Mrs. Carson wants to turn her upcycling hobby into a small business, (Photo provided)

Mrs. Carson first was a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and worked in assisted living and rehabilitation. But due to the limited opportunities as an LPN, Mrs. Carson continued her education for her registered nursing (RN) license. 

Mrs. Carson started out as a LPN, and is now an RN. (Photo provided)

As an RN Mrs. Carson worked in home health, the emergency room at the hospital, and as a school nurse. 

Mrs. Carson previously worked as an RN for Storer Elementary School, but when Storer closed down, Mrs. Carson then transferred to Muncie Central High School waiting for a position to open. That position opened at East Washington Academy.

The Meridian clinics are being implemented into all Muncie Community Schools due to paying no monthly rent by using the school clinic as their location. Meridian clinics provide their own nurse to tend to the students and the outside community.  This allows Meridian an opportunity to pay no fee for a building, and Muncie Community Schools to save money by not paying nurses for their services at all school locations.

 After Meridian Health was to take over East Washington Academy nursing duties over winter break, Mrs. Carson, who had worked at Muncie Community Schools for six years, was forced to find a new job. 

  “I love being a school nurse, so when my teacher friend informed me regarding the Delta High School registered nurse position, I applied,” Mrs. Carson said. 

Delta Principal Chris Conley was a part of the hiring process.

Mrs. Carson brings us a school nurse that has several years of experience at elementary schools and High Schools,” Conley said. “So her familiarity with what school nursing has to do, gave her an advantage over other candidates.”

This isn’t Angie (Roysden) Carson’s first time here at Delta. Mrs. Carson attended Delta High School from 1983-1987. While at Delta Mrs. Carson was involved in cheerleading and various other clubs.

Mrs. Carson graduated from Delta in 1987. (Photo provided)


January 28, 2022

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