New Year, New Teachers

New Year, New Teachers

By Ava West

The cancellation of a football game due to the misfortune of Covid changed this young family’s world.

Sam and Ashlyn Carlton moved an hour and a half away to a new school, new home, new life. 

The Carltons seem to be adjusting well to the changes. Mrs. Carlton teaches freshman English and Mr. Carlton teaches seniors in government, economics and psychology.

“Our son (Calvin) has had a rough week at daycare, but he’s having a better week now so that’s making the adjustment better and we obviously moved into a new house so our house is feeling a little more like home,” Mrs. Carlton said. 

Carlton family
Mr. Sam Carlton and Mrs. Ashlyn Carlton and their baby, Calvin, have recently moved to Delta from Lewis Cass HS. (Photo Provided)

The Carltons used to teach at Lewis Cass High School in Walton, Ind., but wanted to move closer to family. 

“This move made (the grandparents) each 40 minutes away so it cut their drive in half and obviously with our son it’s really important for us that he grows up with family and grandparents so that was a really big push for us that this was the right move.¨ Mrs. Carlton said.

 The new job opportunity came about due to Covid cancelling a football game. When Deltas football game against Shelbyville got cancelled, Lewis Cass also had a game cancelled on the same night.  Mr. Carlton, who used to coach at Delta, connected with Coach Overholt  and Coach Conley and arranged for the two schools to play each other that Friday night.

After the last minute games of old friends coaching against each other, the coaches talked.  

¨‘Hey it was really great seeing you guys and our families are back this way. If you guys ever have anything come up, just let us know because we’d love to get back around here,’’ Mr. Carlton said that night to Coach Conley and Coach Overholt. 

Before long, the government and economics teacher, Mr. Ethan Crenshaw, left Delta for a new job.  That matches what Mr. Carlton teaches.

And then there was an opening with freshmen English as Mrs. Terry Nelson was here for only the first semester.

For the Carltons moving in the middle of the semester was not ideal but this move had all the right set of circumstances. 

¨I would say this job kind of found us,¨ Mrs. Carlton said. 

Moving into a new school and a new life is always difficult but Delta has given a lot of support to our new teachers. 

¨I couldn’t have done that without everyone’s support and help,¨ Mrs. Carlton said. 

February 7, 2022

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