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Student View on Delta

By Luciano Squillante

This is your first day at school. You look around and you notice how everything looks good. For example, the cafeteria is neat and the place looks like a college campus. But you wonder about a couple questions: how are the students, the sports, and how does everybody interact? 

Freshman Kelsey Vest and sophomore Natalie Conlon agree that Delta students are very supportive of each other. Also, junior Clay Batio brought up the point that teachers are helpful and open regarding their students. You are able to go to any teacher, and they will help you to the best of their abilities.

 Although that opinion is backed up by other students, including freshman Brionna Sawgle and sophomore Sabrina Cheek, some people disagree. Junior Mallory Robbins, for example, thinks that the teaching styles should be changed. Freshman Elisha Huffman said she thinks that the interactions between students and teachers can be coarse at times.

Cheek talked about something that happened in the past. “I’ll take an example from a band. During a basketball game, there was a member of the band who got threatened. Obviously the director and other adults were alerted, but a giant ‘human shield’ of students formed around the member so they could safely make it to their car. Like, this was around 15-20 people. And, they all stayed there until the member’s parents picked them up. It’s that kind of thing that makes it special. You’re able to find a family away from home that will be there to care for you and protect you. No matter what.” 

Girl with instrument
Sophomore Sabrina Cheek holds her clarinet. (Photo by Luciano Squillante)

Another point is that some students believe that there is bias regarding sports. “It’s unfair,” Cheek said. “I especially feel bad for teachers who pour so much of their time and effort into these programs for years. Only to be ignored. I think the programs themselves are wonderful, especially the variety. And because of that, each one deserves equal attention.” 

She also mentioned that one reason she does not join any sports is that people in sports are the most judgmental. But the biggest problem she has relates to the previous one, it’s respect. One thing she mentioned is that there is no respect from most students toward janitors and lunch ladies, as well as some teachers

But that is not the only problem. Junior Grayson Zoller suggested improvements to the bathrooms.

Some of the stalls don’t even have doors at this point,” he said. 

Cheek brought up another point saying that the cafeteria is too squished and that there should be more tables, as well as more healthy options for kids.

There are also other concerns as well. Junior Sophia Campbell said that she would want to change the way that students stick to their own cliques and groups. 

Kesley Vest said, “There have been a lot of fights and I would love to change that about the school.” 

Senior Cody Bivens suggested the punishments in school need to be more strict.

And the worst thing about the school… Cheek said there is no school pet! Dun Dun Duuun!

March 2, 2022

About Author

Luciano Squillante

Luciano Squillante Luciano Squillante, a freshman at Delta HS, was born in Miami, Florida, but moved to Indiana when he was thirteen. Before he moved, he participated in all types of martial arts: wrestling, judo, boxing, karate, Muay-Thai and Jiu-Jitsu. In JiuJitsu, he competed and got third in the world in his division in 2019 and fourth in the world in 2020. Since moving to Indiana he has started competing in tennis.


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