Ping Pong Brings Students Together
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Ping Pong Brings Students Together

By Nathan Sites

The ball bounced across the table as club members watched while Kayden tried to hit the ball back to Zach. The rally soon would end as the ball would fly past Kayden’s paddle.

Sophomore Kayden Thomas and junior Zach Gullion have loved playing ping pong together outside of school, but now they are bringing ping pong to the school to let other people enjoy the game they love.

After about two weeks of emails, they got the new Ping Pong Club up and running on Friday, March 4. The club meets every Friday morning from 7:45 to 8:30 in the auxiliary gym. 

Bringing your own equipment is not a problem because they have paddles and balls that you can use. It is recommended that you bring your own paddle, but you do not have to.

Boys play ping pong
Jacob Roach returns the ball to Jacob Royal and Kayden Thomas during a game of doubles. (Photo by Nathan Sites)

Kayden and Zach started this club for a few good reasons.

“Ping pong is a game you can share,” Kayden says, “and it has the ability to bring people together.”

Zach, on the other hand, started it so that he can help Kayden get the club up and running.

“I also thought it looked good on college applications,” Zach says. “It would help me get involved with other extracurricular activities.” 

When people aren’t playing ping pong, they can enjoy other activities outside of that. On the opening day, students also played spikeball, but Kayden and Zach plan on putting a different activity every week.

Spikeball game
Rhian Cline makes a play during a game of spikeball with three friends on Friday, March 4. (Photo by Nathan Sites)

With about 37 people already involved, the club is taking off quickly. Some people come to have fun.

“I don’t play ping pong much,” says sophomore Jacob Roach, “but I think it’s fun.”

Others come to learn how to play.

“It was something I didn’t know how to play,” says sophomore Jacey Stevens. “It was a change of pace.”

Girls play ping pong
Katie Alexander hits the shot as her partner Ella Painter waits her turn. (Photo by Nathan Sites)

Anyone is welcome to join the club for free. It is not very competitive and is a friendly environment. Just get in contact with either Kayden or Zach and they can get you ready to have fun playing ping pong.

March 10, 2022

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