More Than Buddies

More Than Buddies

By Persephone Miral 

Have you ever just decided one day that you are going to do something new? Not expecting for it to take you anywhere, but just for fun? 

This is what senior best friends Madelyn Haley and Sydney McKinney did with Best Buddies. 

During their sophomore year while watching Eagle Zone News, they heard about Best Buddies. They decided that it sounded fun and they started going to the meetings. 

“And we both decided let’s start going together and see where it goes and it’s taken us to leading the club now,” McKinney said.

Best Buddies is a national organization where students with disabilities and students without come together and become friends.  The Delta chapter has about 20 members.

“We really strive to make sure that everybody feels included all the time. Even during school,” Haley said.

Chase Wells enjoys himself as he turns one of his buddies into a mummy. Best Buddies hosts monthly events for fun and friendship. (Photo Provided)

Once a month special club activities are held. For example, in February while the Winter Olympics were going on in China the group held their own “Winter Olympics” activity in the commons.

In October for Halloween, they held a costume contest and played spooky games like wrapping the “mummy” in toilet paper. While in May they all will go to Dairy Dream and play kickball at the Albany park. 

Although the activities vary every month they always make sure to have a great time together.

“I loved the Olympics games we did last month,” junior Kassidy Royal said. “It was very fun.”

Friends smiling
Savannah Shockley (left) and Emma Bond have developed a friendship through Best Buddies. (Photo Provided)

There have been many friendships that have been formed through this program. One of many is junior Emma Bond and sophomore Savannah Shockley. 

In less than two weeks the two became best friends and have been inseparable since. 

“Savannah is like my main best friend. We do everything together; we’re basically the same person,” Bond said.

March 17, 2022

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