A New Experience

A New Experience

By Brylee Beckley

The running back breaks tackles left and right to reach the endzone. It’s a touchdown for the Eagles. The fireworks light up the sky as the Blue Crew erupts. 

This is not an unusual occurrence for members of the Blue Crew, but it is a brand new moment for foreign exchange student Matteo Cadeddu.

“I love the football games here at Delta,” Matteo said. “We do not have school sports in Belgium, so they have been a new experience.”

Matteo played on the boys’ tennis team this fall. Though he was not a varsity contributor for the team, the energy he brought to the huddle was unmatched.

“Matteo was a joy to have on the tennis team,” head coach Tim Cleland said. ‘He brought a hype attitude. He had never really played tennis before, he had a baseball background, but he embraced tennis quickly.”

This was Matteo’s first time ever playing tennis.

“Tennis was great,” Matteo said. “I really enjoyed the coach, and the players were very nice.”


pic of tennis coach and senior
Coach Tim Cleland and foreign exchange student Matteo Cadeddu on senior night. (Photo Provided)

One thing about Matteo that Cleland said he liked was he had no ego and he just wanted to be a part of a group.

Matteo had visited the United States of America twice before in 2017 and 2018, not knowing that he would be able to come back, but this time for a much longer period.

Matteo’s host family is freshman Jacob Williams and Jacob’s parents, Jason and Rebekah Williams.

Matteo is able to enjoy his first experiences at the high school at the same time Jacob is.

family picture of four people
Matteo Cadeddu is staying with the Williams family. (Photo Provided)

“I do not know what it is about him,” Jacob said. “I am able to do sibling things with him for the first time, since we both do not have any siblings.”

Matteo and Jacob were on the tennis team this fall. 

“During tennis season, one time when we played against each other in practice,  we made a bet that the loser would have to take an ice bath,” Jacob said. “I was the loser.”

Matteo has gained an understanding of the differences from America to Belgium. He said that in America people are nice and in Belgium the people are not so kind. Also he said the classes in America are easier than in Belgium.

Matteo will return to Belgium at the end of the first semester because his school back in Belgium requires him to take certain exams. He must do well on the exams to pass his junior school year.

“Many people ask me, ‘Are you ready to go back?’ and I say no,” Matteo said. “I know that when I return to Belgium that means that this experience of my life is over, and I will miss it very much.”

http://www.dhseagleseye.com/2022/11/07/matteos-life-in-belgium/: Feature story over Matteo Cadeddu’s life back in Belgium.

November 2, 2022

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