Packing a Punch
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Packing a Punch

By Fancy Robbins

After almost two long, boring hours in the car, the girl finally arrives at practice ready to train. What’s different for her than other athletes is that she has to go out of state weekly to even train for her sport.  Mahala Ervin, a sophomore, both boxes and does MMA in St. Marys, Ohio at the Young Guardians MMA gym. 

Being a female boxer is unique, especially for Ervin because she’s the only female boxer at Delta, and one of the few boxers in the whole school. 

“I like being the only one, but there’s a bunch of people that think I’m big and tough but I’m not,” Ervin said. “I’m actually really nice if you get to know me.”

Ervin has been boxing since the summer before freshman year. 

“Honestly, at first it was more of my mom signed me up so I had to, but now I enjoy it,” Ervin said.

Ervin is coached by Diamond Long, who is a professional fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Long is Ervin’s biggest role model.

“My coach has been there for me more than just an athletics coach,” Ervin said. “She helps me with my anger and if there is a problem she helps me determine if I’m in the wrong or not. She’s basically an aunt to me.” 

Ervin will have to wait until she turns 16 in December to actually start fighting because being underage makes it hard to find other fighters, especially girls. 

two girls taking a picture for a boxing match
Mahala and opponent pose for a picture before their match for charity. (Photo Provided)

Ervin has been in one fight for charity, but there wasn’t an official winner.

The part Ervin enjoys most about boxing is just because it’s fun. She also enjoys just being with her team and working out because they goof around and make it enjoyable. 

“My best memory in boxing would be watching UFC fights with my team and we would all go to the gym and throw little parties,” Ervin said.

Ervin goes to Ohio twice a week to train with her team. Her team consists of other boxers that are teenagers. A normal practice for them would be an hour of lifting weights, working on footwork, and working on head movements.

Boxing team
Mahala posing with boxing team at the gym. (Photo Provided)

Ervin would like to be in the UFC when she’s older. “If it doesn’t work out then I guess it just doesn’t,” Ervin said.

Ervin’s best friend, Kamden Swoboda, is also a sophomore. He has been there for Ervin throughout her boxing career. 

“Mahala is basically my twin,” Swoboda said. “I would choose her over everyone else.”

November 4, 2022

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