Lunch Lady Land

Lunch Lady Land

By Jacob Williams

Did you know that the FBI has been involved with the school cafeteria? This is just one of the many interesting stories that you will hear from the lunch ladies. 

Six years ago is when the FBI got involved with counterfeit cash. 

We had counterfeit cash given to our cashiers and the bank actually caught it when we were turning in our deposit,” said Food Services Director Mrs. Haley Cross. “They had to report it, and that is when the FBI got involved.

It was a quick investigation and the FBI found the culprit, she said.

Many lunch ladies have a favorite story from their time working here. 

Cooks in kitchen
Tammie Matchett (left) and Angie Withers enjoy a moment together in the kitchen. (Photo by Jacob Williams)

Tammie Matchett is one of the lunch ladies. She handles fruit and is the baker. She has acquired many stories over the time she has been with us. 

“I help keep everyone entertained,” Tammie said.

One day Tammie went to drain pineapple juice and while she was doing that, she looked over and saw that her dough was rising over the pot. 

Tammie darted toward the dough volcano before it got worse. She then tossed the dough onto the sheet and started making spheres which would turn into rolls. 

One year Tammie thought it was funny to pull a prank during Halloween. 

She got ketchup and put some on her finger, then went to the manager and in a panicked voice said, “I got cut!”

How did that story end?

“The assistant manager screamed, we laughed together out loud, and she called me rotten soon after,” Tammie said.

Johnna Davenport, another lunch lady, came here from Florida and has been with us for one full year at the high school. She moved here because her husband was born here and they had family up here so they just decided to come. Johnna used to work at Delta Middle School and when she made the cookies over there she baked more than 2,000 cookies a week.

Cook with bowl
Jenn Hobson stands next to the large bowl that she tried to cook noodles in. (Photo by Jacob Williams)

The new head cook Jenn Hobson was going to make chicken noodles in a big bowl. There is a valve under the bowl. It was left open and chicken noodle broth and noodles went all over the floor. 

“I ran over and showed her how to shut it,” Tammie said. “We were laughing to make her laugh.”

These are just some of the crazy stories that the lunch ladies have gathered.  Every day brings another opportunity for a new crazy story.

November 10, 2022

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