Full Calendar

Full Calendar

By Kylee Robles

In high school some might struggle with their school work. They could say the work is more hard and they don’t have enough time to finish it all. 

But this is not the case for senior Cody Dickin. He can somehow manage his time with soccer, school and band while still getting all A+ grades for the first nine weeks. 

“For many years, I have been involved in a lot,” Cody said. “Most days I have no free time. I go to school, then to soccer, and sometimes I have band practice after. Once I get home from all of that, I work on my homework. I just have to make sure I am focused on what I am doing so I can get things done in a timely manner.”

Even though some students aren’t involved in all of these activities they can still have a busy calendar, and they could also be struggling with just school. But Cody gets it done and he puts dedication into his grades.

Now some people choose different ways to organize their school work, but sophomore Addison Shue, who has had all A’s for the first quarter, has her separate ideas. 

“I try to stay organized as much as possible,” Addison said. “I write my homework assignments in an agenda because if I write something down I remember it better. I also use extra time I have during class to get different assignments done.”

There are so many unique study habits in Delta High School, but it only really matters if it works for you. Examples include re-reading your notes or using flashcards. Though freshman Grier Backus says that sometimes it could be helpful to have a study buddy, she feels as if she focuses better without one.

“Yeah, it can help to have a study buddy, but I like to study by myself because it gives me more of an independence feel — like I’m holding accountability to myself.” Grier said.

student poses with report card
Freshman Grier Backus received all A+’s her first nine weeks. (Photo Provided)

Having said that, some people may enjoy studying with a close friend. However, they could get distracted by that person easily, so you just have to think what is best for you and your future in life. 

Freshman Madison Sanchez, who has had all A’s during the first nine weeks, chooses to prioritize her school work first so then she can relax and be stress free. 

“I do my homework as soon as I get home, so then I just motivate myself to just keep going and if I get it done I can have more free time,” Madison said.

Every student struggles with that one class. And you should know you don’t have to be the best at everything. There is always something that you have to fight through because you either don’t understand or it’s just boring. Now even though Madison and Grier are somewhat used to high school work, they both still have that one class that they can’t put their pencil on.

“I have always struggled with science, just because the material is hard to learn and remember, and the tests are really challenging,” Backus said. 

This is the same for Madison, too, but for a different reason.

“My science class is my hardest class just because I’m not really interested in it,” she said. 

Now even though you might have a least favorite subject, you could also have a favorite class.

“I do not have one favorite subject. It is a tie between math and science,” Cody said. “For math, I have always been able to understand it. There is only right and wrong. Nothing in the middle. I like that. It’s easier for me to understand. Also, I like the hands-on learning in science as well as the large math aspects involved in it.”

Though you could have good grades or bad grades, just know that there are many ways on how you can improve them. Even though these students represent different grade levels in school, they still have one thing in common: they are all devoted to their academics.

December 14, 2022

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