Hardest Classes
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Hardest Classes

By Collin Haughn

No matter if you have 10 formulas involving displacement, time, velocity and acceleration to remember, or if you have to memorize elements on the periodic table, there will always be a challenge in classes.

There are hard classes at Delta High School, but perhaps none are as difficult as Physics and Chemistry II. 

Mr. Rob Summer, the physics teacher, said, “Physics is complicated in how many different things you have to pay attention to. For instance when we are talking about objects in motion, and what forces are working with the object, and what forces work against the object, and what direction the force is going, the mass of the object, there’s a lot of different things to keep track of. Likewise there are a lot of formulas we use.”

A normal physics textbook for the students at Delta. (Photo by Owen Cupp)

Physics can be difficult but some things can help you. 

“Organizational skills for one,” Summer said. “Keeping your thoughts organized, and also curiosity, because a lot of what physics does, it explains how everyday objects get around, how they work with one another. If you don’t really care about that you might not be too interested in seeing it through, so there is a certain level of curiosity that’s needed for sure.”

This is only his second year teaching physics.

He had a physics degree his whole career but until Mr. Seidner retired, then he started teaching physics here.

Chemistry II teacher, Terry Summers, beside his beloved periodic table. (Photo by Owen Cupp)

Mr. Terry Summers, the Chemistry II teacher, said, “Chemistry can be hard for students if they don’t have good math skills/abilities or thinking skills.”

Chemistry II has many different things to remember and study. No matter what it is, different chemical equations or remembering elements on the periodic table, there will always be difficulty in Chemistry.

He also said, “Good study habits and a willingness to learn are very crucial to success in chemistry and probably science in general.”

December 20, 2022

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Collin Haughn

Collin Haughn Collin Haughn is a sophomore at DHS. He is on the bowling team and golf team. He likes to play video games.


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