Top 10 Senior Looks to be Out-standing in his Field
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Top 10 Senior Looks to be Out-standing in his Field

By Caleb Elliott

On a Saturday at 8 a.m., a senior is already up with his father getting to work before the heat of the day. A variety of tasks have to be completed for the day before they can finish and head home.

Isaiah is a three-sport athlete – football, wrestling, track and field – and is also ranked sixth in the senior class academically. However, way before the rooster crows, an alarm clock is screaming. The moon is still out, but there is much work to be done before the sun rises. The life of a farmer is not one for the faint of heart, but for Isaiah, it’s the life for which he longs. 

Isaiah plans to continue his academic career at the Purdue University College of Agriculture, where he will study Business Agriculture.

“My dad and my grandpa both went to Purdue, and my grandpa studied ag as well, so they were definitely people who inspired me to go there,” he said.

 Isaiah’s early life was a big influence on why he would decide to go to college and pursue a career in agriculture.

Three generations
Young Isaiah Brewer is held by his father, Brian, and his grandpa, Ray. (Photo provided)

 “Growing up on a farm, I’ve always wanted to be involved with agriculture and get a job with one of those big companies like John Deere,” Isaiah said. “Then hopefully start up my own business like my dad did.”

 His father, Delta biology and earth space science teacher Brian Brewer, has seen how Isaiah has grown.

“Over the last four years, Isaiah moved from being a part of a group to one of the leaders,” Mr. Brewer said. “He is not the most vocal person, but he leads by example. People look up to him and his accomplishments in all areas of his life.”

Mr. Brewer has seen all of his sons – Jacob, David, and now Isaiah – come through the high school over his enduring teaching stint. Being his last, Isaiah leaves an unprecedented feeling.

“For almost 20 years, I had a child with me at Delta either before, during, or after school,” Mr. Brewer said. “I was blessed to get so much time with them. I will definitely miss not seeing one of my kids walking around the halls of this school.” 

Father and son
Isaiah hangs out with his dad on their property. (Photo provided)

During his high school career Isaiah has been involved in many extracurricular activities such as FFA, National Honors Society, and Riley Dance Marathon. Isaiah was a senior captain on the football team and is seen as a leader by his teammates and coaches.

Most notably is head football coach Chris Overholt, who has coached Isaiah all four years of high school. 

“Isaiah is a great teammate. He pushes those around him to be better,” Overholt said. “He puts in the effort to help younger players develop.  He is a ‘team first’ player.”

Football is how Isaiah created most of his friendships. Even with having an actual family at school with him, he found a second family on the football team. 

“I’m going to miss seeing all those guys every day,” Isaiah said. “I probably take it for granted, but I still plan to keep in touch and watch some of the guys who are playing college football, too.”

Overholt has also seen the work and time Isaiah has put into himself and for the team during the offseasons. 

“Isaiah has invested in the weight room over his four years at Delta.  He has added over 500 pounds to his total lifting weight,” Overholt said. Along with Isaiah’s work ethic, Overholt has seen the results on the football field as well. “Isaiah is a student of the game,” he said. “He takes pride in knowing multiple positions and our overall scheme on offense.”

One of the people that helped Isaiah choose his major was agriculture science teacher Nicole Lodl. She also studied Agriculture Business at Purdue, which enabled her to give Isaiah some insight into what he’d be getting himself into.

“[Isaiah] likes the opportunity to do hands-on activities as well,” Lodl said. “This is why I suggested he go into the major of Agriculture Systems Management. He will still have to sit in a lecture hall, but he will also have classes where he works on tractors.”

Boys with cow
Isaiah poses for a picture with junior Ryne Brown (middle left), and junior Kolten Rhonemus (far right) during an FFA field trip. (Photo provided)

Lodl has also seen Isaiah’s growth over the years, and how she also saw him as a leader to the underclassmen. 

“He understands that you need to practice a skill to get better and improve on it. He doesn’t settle for average grades, he pushes himself to do the best possible,” Lodl said. “Being a senior in classes with sophomores and juniors, Isaiah is a natural leader to those younger students and very helpful in class.”

Being the last of his family to attend Delta can be a lot to take on for someone like Isaiah, but even with all of that pressure Isaiah is ready to begin his own Brewer legacy.

May 5, 2023

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