Wise Words From the Well-Trained
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Wise Words From the Well-Trained

By RJ Townsend

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
– Ferris Bueller, the main character in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

One of the most famous high school seniors in cinematic history, he has been speaking to every student in high school, giving advice to seniors and underclassmen alike since 1986.

As their high school career comes to an end, others begin. The class of 2023. It seemed so far away, but now it’s just under three weeks until June 3, graduation day. So what is the advice they want to give to the friends, family, or strangers they leave behind?

Cody Dickin celebrates at the boys’ basketball semi-state game in Elkhart. (Photo by Grayson Zoller)

Even mottos can be a way that has helped seniors get through their career. What is something they hear or say when they go throughout the day?

“More work more better, so I made that one up,” senior Caden Clark said. “I’d say to get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

“Hard work. In most things that I do, I work hard. I’m very intense in most things that I’m doing. I’m also competitive,” Dickin said. “And I just want to put in all the work I can to do the best I can, in soccer or in band or in school. I’m just working hard and having fun.”

As the new set of freshmen come about, and just barely miss meeting the seniors so many students have looked up to, seniors want to help them in any way they can. So, what are their favorite study habits?

“When I study on Sunday nights, I use resources like Quizlet for some of my classes,” senior Aryanna Ray said, “I usually try to make it as non-stressful as possible by taking it slow and creating a good atmosphere around me.”

“I usually study with flashcards I make while I listen to my favorite music, so I can get into the groove of things,” senior Jayanna Pounds says.

Does their advice really help, though? For sophomore Gavin Case, senior Gaige Winchester’s advice has stuck with him. They are both varsity players on the Delta Eagles baseball team.

“Gaige has always helped me with anything I needed. He is a great mentor and has really helped me as I came into high school,” Case said. “From sports to school he is a great leader and has always inspired me to not think, just do.”

Sophomore Gavin Case (left) talks to senior Gaige Winchester at a baseball game. (Photo Provided)

Winchester wants to be a mentor to the kids around him, and especially his baseball team, which he says is a “tight knit group of friends.”  So how can underclassmen find their “tight knit group” in the first few years at Delta?

“I met all my friends at track,” Caden Clark said. “I’ve gotten closer to them through the sport.”

“I meet my friends in some of my classes or I meet them in sports, like tennis,” senior Rylen Jones said.

For some high school students it is about the ups and downs, so what is something they wish they prepared for when they got into high school?

“What people say really doesn’t matter and being kind makes high school easier,” Jones said.

“There have been multiple times where I would just bomb a test and then I had to work hard to bring the grade back up,” Dickin said. “You just can’t give up after you make one bad grade in a class.”

As the year comes to a close, underclassmen should thank the seniors around them. They are not only done with their high school career, but are also starting a new chapter in their lives. As they set sail, a way the kids around them can help and give them confidence is simply saying “thank you” or if anything give them some advice like they did to the impressionable kids around them.


May 16, 2023

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