The Furriest of Friends
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The Furriest of Friends

By Collin Haughn

Two dogs with a whole lot of energy, and a whole lot of love, will be left behind while their close friend goes to pursue his dreams.

As seniors go off to college, they have to leave their furry friends behind.

Luke Williams has two dogs, Leia and Dooku. Leia is a eight-year-old beagle mix. Dooku is a five-year-old chocolate lab with white fur. Williams is going to Ball State University for college and is not going to be too far from his pets.

“(I will miss) the high energy of them,” he says. “They are both very needy, and if you just give them any sort of attention they will latch onto it for like 30 minutes, so it will be pretty dull without them.”

Dooku is Luke William’s youngest dog. He is now five years old. (Photo provided)

Cody Dickin has four dogs – Boxer mix Roxie, Saint Bernard mix Bailey, Goldendoodle Zed, and Shih Tzu Izzy. Cody is going to Purdue University and will be a two-hour drive away from them.

“(I’ll miss) just being able to cuddle with them, and I will miss being able to pet them and to play with them,” Dickin said.


Cody Dickin’s dog Izzie is a Shih Tzu. (Photo Provided)
Cody Dickin has a golden doodle named Zed. (Photo Provided)
Cody has a Saint Bernard mix named Bailey. (Photo Provided)
Cody also has a boxer named Roxie. (Photo Provided)

Kendra Keesling has eight pigs and two dogs. Poe is a miniature Australian shepherd, age 2, and Oakley is a 10-week-old chocolate lab. Keesling is going to Ball State University and she is going to be close to her pets.

Kendra Keesling has a chocolate lab. He is named Oakley, and is 10 weeks old. (Photo Provided)
Kendra also has a miniature Australian shepherd, named Poe. Poe is 2 years old. (Photo Provided)

Madisyn Sauve has one dog, a four-month-old boxer named Joey. Sauve is going to Nashville State Community College, where she will be far away from her dog.

“It’s a little rough because he is like an emotional support animal,” Sauve says.

Madisyn has a Boxer named Joey. Joey is 4 months old.(Photo Provided)

Tristan White has two dogs – a five-year-old Aussiedoodle named Ryder, and Ruby, a one-year-old German shepherd. White is going to Ball State and isn’t going to be too far from his pets.

“It’s weird to me because I won’t have any dogs to jump on me when I come home from work or school,” White says.


Tristan also has a German Shepard named Ruby. Ruby is 1 year old. (Photo Provided)
Tristan White has a Aussiedoodle named Ryder. Ryder is 5 years old. (Photo Provided)
May 17, 2023

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