Haunted Eaton

Haunted Eaton

By MacKenzie Morris

Did you make your way to the Grace and Mercy Gospel church in Eaton on Friday and Saturday nights in October?

This was the second year this church has hosted a  haunted maze. Last year  the pastor  hosted it at his house so there weren’t very many people who visited. The town asked the pastor to put the maze more in town so they decided the church would be best. 

Haunted House
Outside of haunted maze at the Grace and Mercy Gospel church in Eaton. (Photo Provided)

Mrs. Haley Hissong, a Biology teacher at Delta, is a member of the church who helped put the maze together.

Hissong says “Building the maze was a way to be able to reach the community and give them a good time,” she said. “No one actually left the maze terrified.” 

Ron Baucom, a freshmen at Delta says “it was really scary and I think it’s a good thing that they had it, it was definitely worth the money.”

Delta students got a $3 discount if they brought their student ID. The cost usually was $10 and went down to $7. 

Hissong says “All money that was raised will hopefully be used so that we can feed people on Christmas Eve and just have somewhere to be with family and be together, possibly even getting presents for kids for free.”

 Hissong says. “That’s our goal and purpose is to help people. Any money that doesn’t get used for Christmas will be used on our food pantry we have every third Thursday.”

November 9, 2023

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mackenziemorris Mackenzie Morris is a freshman at Delta High School. She enjoys reading and listening to music. Her favorite book series is The Hunger Games.


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