A Trial Run
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A Trial Run

By Tyce Dishman

“One and one, on the release!”

That is a phrase from a referee that may never be heard in Indiana high school basketball again.

The National Federation of State High School Associations had a meeting to discuss the game of basketball in America.

The IHSAA decided that they were going to adopt the rule that the NFHS suggested. That rule being that they were going to eliminate the one-one bonus this year on a trial basis in Indiana.

All common fouls will be two free throws after five fouls are committed in each quarter. The fouls reset at the end of every quarter.

Previously to the rule change teams could foul seven times in a half before their opponents got to the one-and-one bonus. Now they can foul eight times in a half and teams still don’t get to shoot free throws.

The main goal from the NFHS is to clean up all of the jostling in the lane. 

Block out
Kaiden Bond shoots a free throw as players block out to try for the possible rebound. (Photo by Emma Willoughby)

Delta’s girls head coach Tyronda Benning has conflicting thoughts about the new rule.

“I like the new rule because it makes teams play more disciplined on defense,” Benning said. “But I also think that the rule will slow the game down because high school girls’ teams don’t know how to stay disciplined on defense like college athletes do.” 

Mark Detweiler, head coach of the boys basketball team, said, “My concern is that this rewards teams that are less disciplined and foul more.”

Coaches will have to change their strategies in crucial moments in close games late in the quarters.

“I do think that you will see some situational things at the end of quarters, where teams have three fouls and they can give up some more fouls because I think teams will foul to make you take the ball out of bounds,” Detweiler said.

It is not just coaches that have opinions. Some players like the new rule change.

Sophomore starting guard Elizabeth Bamidele said, “It takes away some pressure as a player, especially when you are forced to make one free throw to shoot another. Now you automatically get two shots.”

Senior starting forward Jackson Wors has noticed a change from last season.

“It definitely changes the speed of the game,” he said. “It also makes it easier to score because as soon as you get to five fouls you get two free throws.”

The game of basketball has changed drastically over the years. It has evolved in many ways and there have been multiple changes. Let’s wait to see what will happen next.

December 5, 2023

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Tyce Dishman

tycedishman Tyce Dishman is a freshman at Delta High School and plays varsity tennis. He is so happy his brothers are his assistant coaches! He loves his family and his dog. He is also a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan.


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