She’s Here to Stay
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She’s Here to Stay

By Landon Williams

“For your Delta Eagles, freshman starting guard, number 10, coming in at 5’5 … Harper Timmerman.”
Harper’s been involved in girls’ basketball for five plus years, and she’s here to prove she’s not just a freshman, but she’s the future of Delta girls’ basketball.

“There’s never been a day she hasn’t worked hard,” varsity head coach Tyronda Benning said. “… Harper has a lot of potential, she’s really driven, so with me getting her as a freshman just really helps.”

Believe it or not Harper wasn’t always as dedicated toward basketball as she is now. 

Making a play
Freshman Harper Timmerman dribbles as she scans the Pendleton Heights defense during a home game. (Photo by Maddy Cooper)

Before fifth grade Harper was a big softball player until one day her parents gave her a basketball and a hoop. Harper fell in love. 

Her parents, Kelsey and Annie Timmerman, used to play in their day at Mississinawa Valley School in Union City, Ohio. That was one of the key things that inspired her to play.

Harper is the starting point guard for the varsity team. So far for her freshman season, she is averaging 5.1 points, 1.3 assists and 3.5 rebounds per game.

Harper loves watching women’s college basketball, too, which also inspired her to play. She still loves women’s college basketball to this day. Harper’s favorite current college team is University of Connecticut and Harper’s favorite player is Paige Beckers playing for UCONN. 

Harper’s coaches love her, but her teammates love her even more.

“She helps me with especially handling the ball and helps set me up all the time,” sophomore starting guard Elizabeth Bamidele said. 

Into the defense
Penetrating Pendleton’s zone defense, Harper Timmerman drives toward the basket as teammates Jillian Barr and Elizabeth Bamidele stay alert. (Photo by Maddy Cooper)

Being a freshman Harper knows that nothing is going to come easy this season, so she has a few goals in mind.

 “Just to be more confident, work on ball handling, keeping my head up, getting it to our posts, and even taking shots for myself too,” Harper said.  

Ultimately if Harper can start completing these goals it will not only benefit her but her teammates as well.  


December 12, 2023

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Landon Williams

landonwilliams Landon Williams is a freshman at Delta High School. He enjoys basketball, hanging with friends, baseball, and listening to music.


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