A Video at a Time

A Video at a Time

By Jackson Teal

It’s not often you see students trying to change the world. Especially like this, they’re doing it one YouTube video at a time.

The four students who are trying to make an impact on their community are sophomores Grey Backus and Amir Wright as well as seniors Ryder Turner and Chayse Lennis.

The friend group realized that they had a special skill. They were good at making people laugh.

“Sometimes we’re even a little too good at making people laugh,” Wright said. “It even gets us in a little trouble.”

Just from hanging around each other so much, they knew they had no problem making each other laugh.

Looking up
Amir Wright-Hill tries to catch a chicken nugget in his mouth while the G.A.R.C. gang rates chicken nuggets. (Screenshot from GARC YT)

 “We just wanted to show everyone else what we could do,” Backus said.

The first letter of each student involved makes up the abbreviation G.A.R.C., which is the name of their YouTube channel.

The channel has 200-plus subscribers averaging around 500 views a video. 

Around school, coaches, students, and teachers sometimes can be seen repping the merchandise. 

Football head coach Chris Overholt spent the $26.50 on a G.A.R.C. shirt. He believes in supporting his players on and off the field

“Anytime you have a group that shows creativity in a positive way, it’s our job as teachers and coaches to support them,” Overholt said.

They have been featured on Eagles Zone News for a Halloween special, where they smashed pumpkins to celebrate the holidays.   

“It made me really happy that they came to us and asked us to film a skit on it,” Turner said. 

G.A.R.C members (Grey Backus, Amir Wright-Hill, Ryder Turner and Chayse Lennis) do the intro of a pumpkin skit for Eagle Zone News. (Screenshot from GARC YT)

They post a wide variety of videos but they have taken a special liking to posting food review videos.

“ We always have a great time filming those types of videos and I think people watching enjoy them as well,” Lennis said.

The group has even branched out into giving pre- and post-game interviews with their Delta Football teammates to give an overview of the game.

“They were very professional during the interview and they’re just a fun group of guys and I really enjoy watching their videos,” freshman receiver Carter Jackson said.

They have a bigger purpose for their videos than just to goof around.

 “Our goal is to change the world one video at a time and, if you’re having a bad day, come watch us and we can make you laugh,” Backus said.


December 13, 2023

About Author

Jackson Teal

jacksonteal Jackson Teal is a freshman at Delta High School. This is his first year in journalism. Jackson wrestles and likes hanging out with his friends. His dream college is Notre Dame.


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