Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

By Jackson Robbins

Every day the Delta Eagles produce their own news broadcast with a complex and deep history, and there is hard work put into it every day.

However, people who are not in the class may not know how the broadcast is made on a daily basis.

Eagle Zone News has been around since the 1990s at Delta with a rich history. It first made appearances in the mid 1990s called Delta Daily, also sometimes called Delta Daybreak.

At first it was a radio station only. There were a lot of interesting moments, such as when it was shut down for a few weeks in the ‘90s because a lightning strike hit the antenna.

The history that is in the studio runs deep and still has an impact on the students involved in today’s news classes.
Jennings Wine is a first-year EZN student.

“So on one of the desks there’s like a bunch of writings on it,” Wine said. “There’s just messages from all the previous years.”

The desk is used for the sports part of the broadcast and it holds a lot of history, the oldest signatures date back to the late 1990’s.

EZN has evolved with the passage of time. Students today use teleprompters and computer technology to produce what is viewed.

Seniors Ryder Riggin (left), Isaac Moss (right), and Neal Mosier (sitting) film a part of the news. (Photo by Jackson Robbins)

Jaxon Maxwell, senior, is one of the key editors for EZN.

“My favorite part of editing is just being able to experience the stories of editing,” Maxwell said. “I see the whole process and I have a grasp of everything that is going on.”

Maxwell has a past of editing videos, so this position was perfect for him. In the future, he wants a multimedia career and wants to do video editing and make documentaries.

Ryder Riggin and Camden Schwering, junior, edit EZN while Mr. Cleland watches. (Photo by Jackson Robbins)

The teacher, Mr. Tim Cleland, lets the EZN classes work independently and allows the students to be in control of the daily product. Student producers come up with the interview topics and skit topics each day.

Wine says, “He just kind of checks our scripts and makes sure that stuff is on track.”

There’s many roles you have to do to be on the team. Everyone carries weight switching jobs daily and contributing to all tasks

Maxwell’s favorite job is editing the news, but the members of the team all have different favorite jobs.

Senior Linus Weimer likes being the producer.

“[I like] getting to boss people around and them actually having to listen to me,” he says.

There are several jobs with the news and the students must do each job well. Some students write scripts, some serve as anchors, some run the teleprompter, some film the scenes, and more.

A phone records news anchor Jared Tank, senior, for EZN. (Photo by Jackson Robbins)

They film segments all over the school with many funny moments and scenes. Weimer said that his favorite memory is ”just getting to have fun, goof off and record hype videos.”

Every day in first and second period the news is produced. It usually is watched when students get to class in fourth period.

EZN can be a bright spot in a student’s day, so the members of the broadcast will continue to make episodes each day.

December 14, 2023

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