Sweethearts Rewind

Sweethearts Rewind

By Paizlee Writtenhouse

The Sweetheart’s dance is an event where Delta students can dance, eat and socialize in school after hours. 

The doors of Delta were bursting with loud music and laughter on the evening of Feb. 10. Even the DJ was singing and dancing along with the students. The DJ made the Sweethearts Dance a night they wouldn’t forget for all the students. 

“I think the DJ really helped because in the past I remember I went last year and the playlist was fun,” sophomore Grier Backus said. “But the DJ just really helped bring the hype and he even brought stuff for us to do like glow sticks. He had these fun little mashups and it was just the right amount of songs.” 

Backus worked on the dance committee and went to the dance. “It was more than I expected,” she said. 

The committee did not expect as many people to show up to the dance. They had planned on having around 90 people, but ended up with 120 students. 

“We were kind of unsure of how the set up would go and if we would take enough space up, but in the end it was perfect and it was really good,” Backus said.

Friends at dance
Sophomores Hudson Ewing and Grier Backus pose before entering the Sweethearts Dance on Feb. 10. (Photo Provided)

 She attended the dance with her boyfriend Hudson Ewing. He said his favorite part about the dance would be “seeing other people dressed up and dancing and having a grand ol’ time.”

Backus and Ewing were not the only couple who went and enjoyed themselves. Freshman Cade Utsler and sophomore Makayla Poole went as a pair. 

Utsler said, “It was better than I expected. I expected it to be more kind of like Sadie’s, but I think it was better than Sadie’s.” 

Poole and Utsler both enjoyed getting to spend time together and going out to eat afterward. 

Ready for dance
Sophomore Makayla Poole and freshman Cade Utsler arrive for the dance. (Photo Provided)

 “There was a little dance circle they had there for a second,” Utsler said. “I thought that was pretty funny, because I enjoy those a lot. They did those in middle school.” 

One last student who had a good time at the dance was sophomore Ella Langdon. Langdon went with her date Wyatt Berry.

“It was everything we expected and more!” Langdon said. 

All the music and energy helped the students feel more comfortable. Every student had a favorite part of the night. 

“Dancing with all my friends and having a special dance with each other,” Langdon said.

As the fun evening wrapped up, it was clear that the dance had surpassed many expectations.

 The electric atmosphere created a vibrant memory for many attendees.

Poole said she thinks the dance should happen every year.

 “It’s just something to look forward to throughout the year and we don’t have that many formal dances,” she said.  


February 28, 2024

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