A New Course
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A New Course

By Baylee Knebel

Next school year a new Certified Clinical Medical Assistant program will begin at Delta High School. This program is open to current sophomores, freshmen and eighth graders. 

When this class hit the scheduling papers over double of what Principal Chris Conley anticipated signed up for the program. Mr. Conley expected 30 people to sign up for the class, so he was surprised when more than 80 students wanted this class in their schedule.

The two-year program consists of a sequence of two classes. Those courses are “CCMA: Principles of Healthcare & Medical Terminology” and “Certified Clinical Medical Assistant.”

Delta has been working with the University of Indianapolis to find out what job opportunities will be most in demand for now and the future in East Central Indiana. Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) is the highest grossing career in the next few years. 

CCMA is the fundamental starting point for anyone interested in health care.

It was important to Conley to put CCMA on Delta’s schedule because it gives students an opportunity to still get this extra knowledge without having to go to the Muncie Area Career Center and having to rearrange students’ schedules. 

Many students agree with this statement.

Sophomore Aubrey Thomas says, “I heard they [MACC] offer the same things as Delta and if I went to the MACC I wouldn’t be able to get the amount of credits for my diploma.” 

Thomas wants to be a travel nurse and work higher up in the medical field. Many of Aubrey’s influences in life are also in the medical field. Her mom Jamie, sister Addison, aunt Kayla and grandma Wanda all do things from licensed practical nurse to a registered nurse. 

Sophomore Gavin Kitchens also agrees. “I wouldn’t have enough time in my schedule (to go to the MACC). I only have one free class and that just helps me not give up half my day there.” 

Kitchens wants to be a registered nurse and has family that are also in the medical field.  Gavin’s mom Sally is a pharmacy technician, his aunt Jody is a licensed practical nurse, his grandma Mary is an operational nurse and two cousins Alorah and Briana are registered nurses.

Something that all of these students have in common is a desire to acquire the skills taught by the CCMA program. The program will enable someone to be the person who greets you in a doctor’s office, gets vital signs and checks in when someone comes in. CCMA students also are able to draw labs and to prescribe medication.

Sophomore Madison Utsler pushes freshman Cooper Pierce in a wheelchair. (Photo by Baylee Knebel)

To some extent they also have the skills to run an office and do insurance coding or payroll. It’s sort of a dual in clinical and nursing skills. 

Freshman Cooper Pierce plays varsity boys’ soccer and wants to be an athletic trainer to stay close and connected to sports. He joined the CCMA program to learn more about how the body works and the executive functions.

“I just really want this program to help me better understand and be able to set me up for my future,” he said.

Sophomore Madison Utsler wants to be an UltraSound technician and joined this program to get better knowledge on the body.

“It will help me more in college and I will know what I’m doing,” Utsler said. “I want this program to help me be prepared for college and the real world.” 

This program will be free to all students. Scrubs and tools will be provided by the Community Area Health Education Center. 

February 29, 2024

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