More Than Running

More Than Running

By Jackson Robbins

A few runners at Delta High School are on a normal run for the Winter Run Club when senior Tyler Dillon says, “Oh my gosh!”

They all turn around and are struck with fear as a dog is right behind them and looks like it wants to chase them. But the dog is simply looking to run with the club. 

The runners are able to finish their run with the dog by their side before they help it locate its home afterward.

This is just one fun memory for the students in the Winter Run Club. 

“It was kinda cool running into a dog,” Dillon said. “It’s something you don’t see every day.” 

Sophomore Noah Parrott calls his coach, Mackenzie Dye Conley, about the dog that chased the runners in the Winter Run Club. (Photo by Cameron Deckman)

The good memories they made are noteworthy. But something else is way more important to them. 

They have the desire to be better at their sport.

These students, who run track and field and cross country, work especially hard in a club they call Winter Run Club. The sponsor teacher, Mrs. Mackenzie Dye Conley, helps them work to get better every day. 

“[The club] 100 percent keeps you in shape and prepared for the season and gives you a competitive edge,”  sophomore Noah Parrott said.  

But it’s not just about track and cross country, it’s for the love of running. They see a passion in this and a future.

Sophomore Cameron Deckman said that he has been inspired by the club because 2023 graduate Clay Batio was a big part of the club during Cam’s freshman year. Many of the club members have dreams of going to college to run. Batio was one of them and now runs track and field at Trine University.

Sophomore Cameron Deckman runs at the Purdue University Fort Wayne invite. (Photo provided)

Dillon has taken a visit to Wright State University for cross country and has big dreams of going to college for his sport.

But is the club just to improve? No, the relationships built with the members are just a natural thing as they spend a lot of time together.

Deckman, Dillion and Parrott are all good friends as they have a relationship outside of school. They go golfing and play video games together. 

Some might think that since it’s in the winter the runners would hate it, but it is actually their favorite part of the club. Deckman’s favorite memory this year was a long run (8.25 miles) on a Sunday with heavy snow. 

“It was a really windy day and I couldn’t really see much, but it helped push me to run in a weird way,” Deckman said.

The frigid weather is also a benefit as it can keep them cool and their water cold, so it’s actually some of the runners’ favorite time to run during the year. 

Although this club isn’t the most popular at the school, it gives runners a chance to stay active even in the freezing winter weather. 

“It was amazing watching them improve from the work put in this winter,” Dye Conley said.

February 29, 2024

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