Old Timey Hobby

Old Timey Hobby

By DJ Johnson

Students have many different hobbies such as basketball, soccer and art, but what about the ones that are not so common and the people you wouldn’t think did them?

Jadacee Clay, a sophomore, does activities such as art, theater and reading, but she also does what some people might call an “old lady” hobby. She crochets. 

Crocheting is like knitting, but you use one hook type tool instead of two. 

Crochet business
Jadacee Clay is starting a new business called Jadacee’s Cozy Crochet. Email her at clay2026163@delcomschools.org or talk with her at school if you are interested.

Jadacee got started doing crocheting when she was eight years old back in 2014. She learned from her mother, Jenny Clay.

“My mom did it because she learned it from her godmother Bonnie and she wanted to make or start a tradition that they teach their kids how to crochet and down the line,” Jadacee said. 

Many people may perceive that the only thing that people crochet or knit is squares or blankets, but Jadacee takes it one step further.

 “I have crocheted many things like gummy worms and octopuses and I am recently crocheting hats and shawls,” she says.

These items aren’t exactly easy to make and are sometimes expensive. For the shawl, the yarn was costly.

“It can be depending on what type of fabric the roll of yarn is, but the thing about yarn it can be $3 but then you get five things of it and it adds up to being $15 for a roll so it can be very expensive. But I get them mainly at Joann (Fabric and Crafts) so they are discounted,” Jadacee said.

She said the crocheting needles also vary in size and price.

“You can get very small ones up to really big for chunky yarn. Those are mainly to make soft blankets and pillows,” she said.

But just because people do hobbies some people would label “old timey” or “boring” doesn’t mean you might not want to at least try it. You might actually like the hobby and then you could sell the items or give them to people for gifts. 

There are many unusual hobbies that people do around the school. You won’t know until you ask or share an unusual thing you do as a hobby.    

February 29, 2024

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DJ Johnson

djjohnson DJ is a freshmen who is a first-time journalist at Delta High School and who wants to be a welder.


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