A Senior Teacher
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A Senior Teacher

By DJ Johnson

At the end of every year, seniors graduate and start their career. But what about the teachers who are retiring at the end of the school year?

Mr. Ron Curry is one of the teachers who will retire this year. Mr. Curry started his career when he graduated from Wes-Del High School, Ball State University, and finished up at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Curry has been working at Delta High School for 11 years, but he has been teaching for 27.  He first started in construction then moved into teaching. He taught first at Lapel, then Lawrence Central and then at Hagerstown schools and finally he worked at Delta for the rest of his career. 

Mr. Ron Curry helps his students with an assignment in his last year at Delta High School. (Photo by Jackson Teal)

Even though Curry is going to miss all of his students, he is especially going to miss the juniors that he has.

“I’m really going to hate to leave before they leave school,” he said. “It’s the class of juniors that I have that are special. … Those guys are kind of special to me because they’ve been with me for three years now.” 

But he is ready to have time to do his things. 

“I say I’ve put a lot of projects off and things and so this will give me time to be able to start my projects and then stay at it and get those things accomplished,” Curry said. 

He plans to renovate some rooms in his house and do some woodworking in his home shop. 

Unlike some teachers or workers who go live in Florida or their dream place, Mr. Curry and his wife, Robin Curry, are just going to live here in Indiana. He is planning on going on a river cruise, but he is mostly going to stay local and work on his music. 

Curry has been playing guitar his whole life. And he really wants to travel and play.

Curry playing the guitar at one of his shows. (Photo provided)

 “That’s where my traveling will come in,” Curry said. “So far it’s just been east central Indiana, but I’m looking forward to maybe going into Ohio or Kentucky or other nearby states just looking for opportunities to get out there and perform.” 

 In addition to his singing, he is a fifth-degree black belt in American Tae Kwon Do. Mr. Curry started his learning of the martial art when he was a doorman and met a man named Ron White. “White is like the highest ranking black belt I think in Muncie,” Curry says. 

 Curry got his black belt from the Buley Center in Muncie, where he was taught by Carl Jackson.

When Mr. Curry retires the Delaware Community Schools will have a breakfast program that will recognize all retiring teachers, but he doesn’t know if his family has anything up their sleeve for him like a party or dinner.

But at the end all Mr. Curry wants to do is sleep in. He wants to spend time with his wife Robin, his two daughters Britney McBurnett and Cristina Curry, and his two grandchildren, Amelia and Donovan McBurnett.

Curry (second to left) with family members. (Photo provided)
May 16, 2024

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