Never Forget

Never Forget

By Josey Morris

Students go through life learning lessons, whether they know it or not. Some lessons can be life-changing. They stick with you, and you apply them to your everyday life.

The seniors are leaving soon, and these are the life lessons they have learned throughout high school.

Caleb Oliver, one of the graduating seniors, said he will be using communication in college. He said it has allowed him to be able to talk to his teachers and peers in a more effective way. 

He has learned to be better with communication from being an Eagle Scout. He said most of his communication skills he has acquired through that.

Scout pinning
Senior Caleb Oliver receives an honor from his Scout leader. He earned his Eagle Scout certification. (Photo provided)

Caleb believes that asking questions is important. He said to get information on whether you’re failing or what to do if something is going wrong, you need to ask questions. 

“Without communication there is no real way of letting anyone know your thoughts, or receiving anyone else’s thoughts,” Caleb said. “To learn anything, communication is vital.”

Another senior, Caitie Wright has learned through high school to preserve her time while she has it.

“I don’t want to live my life with regrets,” she said.

Caitie decided to join the tennis team this year for the first time. She was determined to become more involved.

“If you just make that connection with people and also teachers,” Caitie said, “that would be great.”

Caitie Wright
Senior Caitie Wright

Eden Terry is another senior who has learned a life lesson through high school. She said time management has helped her to be able to know when things are due, and how she needs to go about getting things done.

“It helps me to be able to get my school work done when I need to,” Eden said. “So it gives me time for extracurriculars, sports, and time to relax.”

Senior Tyler Dillon, said something he’s going to use throughout the rest of his life is knowing how to use his time well. 

Tyler believes being able to get things done is crucial.

“Without time management you are kind of lost and don’t have motivation,” Tyler said.

He also said in these past couple of months, he has realized just how much time flies.

Runner on track
Senior Tyler Dillon is shown in full stride in a race this spring. (Photo Provided)

With these few seniors leaving for college soon, the things they have learned through their years at Delta will be beneficial to them.

People learn lessons one at a time, and it’s the lessons that stick with them that are the good ones.


May 16, 2024

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Josey Morris

joseymorris Josey Morris is a freshman at Delta High School. She loves to read and listen to music. Her favorite book is Pride & Prejudice and her favorite artist is Brent Faiyaz. She wants to go to college at Purdue and become a pilot.


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