Preparing For The Future
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Preparing For The Future

By Mylee Jones

Advanced English 111 Ivy Tech

Advanced Math 125 Ball State University

Advanced Speech 210 Ball State University

Advanced Social Studies/US History 102 Ivy Tech

Advanced Social Studies/Political Science 101 Ivy Tech

Advanced Science/Chem 101 Ivy Tech

These are only a handful of the classes Delta has to offer. The students who take these courses and others like them are preparing for their future. 

Jackson Wors is a senior who plans to major in finance in college. He picked this major because he understands how money works and thinks it’s interesting. He said he “can’t wait to learn more about it.”

He said the classes that have helped him the most were his math classes. He also said his speech class taught him how to talk in front of people. He took many courses to help him prepare for college. 

Jackson took most of the college courses Delta has to offer. He took Advanced Math 125, Advanced Speech 125, Advanced English 111, Advanced Science/Chem 2, US Government and Spanish. 

He said that he wished he took Political Science 101 but he didn’t because he said, “I heard it was hard and didn’t want to be in a class where I had to work extra hard my senior year.” 

Another senior is Lillie Grismore, who is going to Indiana University in Bloomington to study business. She chose this because the job options with this major are very broad. 

Lillie took the US Government and English 111 courses. She took these classes so she could get the 8 percent added to her grade. This 8 percent is added to the class grade because it is dual credit class.

A decision she made that affected her education was when she was a freshman. 

“I didn’t apply myself freshman year and could have a way higher GPA,” she said.

Jackson and Lillie
Lillie Grismore and Jackson Wors study in English class together. (Photo by Mylee Jones)

Additionally, Belle Brown, a senior who is going to Ball State University this fall to be in the fashion industry, took classes to help prepare her for her future. 

She is really into fashion merchandise and clothing.

Belle took the Advanced Social Studies/US History class to help prepare. She said she took that class “to prepare for college classes and to get a look at what I have to do there.”

How she has prepared in her high school years is by growing up independently. 

Belle said, “I’ve had to prepare myself to live on my own without my mom and do stuff on my own and get stuff done.”

These students have prepared themselves for college with the help of family, friends teachers and their own actions. Thanks to their smart start, they say they’ll be ready for their future away from Delta. 

May 22, 2024

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