Freshmen Hoping for Return to Normalcy

Freshmen Hoping for Return to Normalcy

By BreiAnna Wesley

This year has been weird for everyone. Freshman year can already be difficult and then you add a pandemic.

“I was expecting for it to be a mess the first few months of school, but I thought it would get better but it hasn’t and we’re still in the same problem,” freshman Kenna Case said. “It has just been very different with everything from sports being very strict about things and also school. I thought that by now we would have more things figured out than we do.”

Case, who plays volleyball and does cheer, said, “I play sports and sports are different because of masks and who can come and who can’t.”

She said she was looking forward to Homecoming week because of the dress-up days and other activities. She was expecting this year to go like last year just with masks.

“We didn’t get to do what others have done in the past and we were looking forward to it,” Case said. 

Freshman Grace Richardson said the year has been more stressful.

Next year she is hoping for it to be a normal schedule and in person.

Grace Richardson
Grace Richardson

We are carrying backpacks because we are getting new lockers after the first semester. Richardson likes backpacks because “you can carry everything so it’s easier.” 

“I was expecting a very different year and we have been in school a lot more than I expected we would be,” Richardson said. “I thought it would be a very hectic year because of corona but the school is making it very easy in my opinion.”

By far this is Grace’s favorite year because “it’s a lot easier and there is more freedom.”

She is hoping not to wear masks at all next year and hopes for a more flexible year.

Lots of freshmen share the same opinion about school and the pandemic. Maybe you do, too.

November 30, 2020

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