Opinions Vary on Adjusted Time Schedule
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Opinions Vary on Adjusted Time Schedule

By Ava Reagan

Earlier this year, changes were made to Delta High School’s schedule to better benefit those who are quarantined and those who are attending in-person. Time in class became shorter, with it being 40 minutes per day instead of 49, the removal of Student Resource Time (SRT), and ending earlier than before. 

When there is in-person school, the day ends at 2:40 p.m. instead of 3:30 p.m., with the extra time designed to give teachers more time to post lessons online for quarantined students.

With this plan still in place for the start of the second semester, how do students feel about this schedule?

“It’s been kind of stressful,” freshman Preston Shanayda says. “Having less time in classes, trying to get everything done, and having to learn everything and still get your homework done in time. But I don’t know if it’s been that much different from the old schedule.”

Senior Logan Mick says, “It doesn’t really affect me too much. We (got) to get out of football earlier, so that’s really the only change that allows me more time to do my homework at night.”

Sophomore Victoria MacWhinney says, “It’s given me more free time after school, and it’s helped a lot with not feeling more bored in classes because we have less time.”

(From left) freshman Preston Shanayda, senior Logan Mick, and sophomore Victoria MacWhinney.

Along with their initial thoughts, students have found that the current schedule provides both positives and negatives to their time at school.

Shanayda enjoys getting out of school sooner and eating lunch at an earlier time. “But I like the old schedule of having more time in class to learn,” he says.

MacWhinney found the current two-hour delay schedule to be strange.

“I like that we have more time at night now to do our homework,” Mick says. “And have more free time before it’s dark.”

But after all the changes the new schedule brought, which one would the students rather stick to?

“I prefer our regular schedule before we switched to this,” Mick says. 

Both he and Shanayda like the previous one, while MacWhinney would rather stay with the current one.

With this schedule being continued at the start of the next semester, students will have to continue managing the way they have been since it was introduced. Whether it is something they prefer or not, it is hoped that they can pull through.

December 13, 2020

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