Junior Brenden Mead Returns After Leaving Delta in 7th Grade

Junior Brenden Mead Returns After Leaving Delta in 7th Grade

By Logan Anderson

Delta High School has roughly 800 students and one building. Could you imagine going to a school with 3,000 students and an 11-building campus?

Junior Brenden Mead moved from Delta Middle School in 7th grade. He went to James Madison High School in San Antonio, Texas. His school had more than 3,000 students and 11 buildings. 

He returned to Delta at the beginning of this semester.

Brenden went to Royerton Elementary School and then on to Delta Middle School until the end of his 7th grade year.

¨My mom and sister wanted to experience something new and I was along for the ride,” he said, explaining his family’s move to Texas.

In San Antonio, he attended John H. Wood Middle School. Brenden did come back to Muncie to visit a couple times. In 8th grade he came to Delta Middle School to visit his old classmates during lunch.

Other than coming back to visit, Brenden would keep up with his old friends playing video games and talking via Snapchat and Instagram.

¨We texted and played Xbox a lot over the years,¨ junior Kaleb Rhonemus said.

Lunch friends
Brenden Mead (center) drinks his water at the lunch table with friends. (Photo by Logan Anderson)

During his time at Delta Middle School Brenden was a strong student as well as many other things. He was a part of the band and was a basketball manager.

¨When I moved to Texas I decided to branch out,to (managing) all sports ranging from basketball, football, volleyball and track,¨ Brenden said.

Brenden then took on a little bit bigger of a role when he moved on to high school.

¨In the high school level is where I really started to pick things up,” he said. “My freshman year, this is when I became a student assistant for boys and girls athletics where I got to train under Coach Romine and Coach Wolfe. Then my sophomore year is when I became head student assistant of athletics and I held that same title for the first half of my junior year.”

Sadly Brenden does not plan on doing any sports managing at Delta the rest of his high school years. He wants to focus on his senior year and his future plans of going to college.

Brenden also continued being in band when he moved to Texas. He was a part of both the middle school and high school band in Texas.

His sophomore year he became a drum major but was forced to step down his junior year after he had told them he was leaving. 

Here at Delta band is a little different than how they had it in Texas. 

¨I mean all Texas bands compete against each other,” he said. “There are divisions based on the amount of students. My school is a 6A high school, and about 350-400 students were in the band. This made it to where we competed with the best 6A schools. One school we competed against who was in our district was Ronald Reagan High School Band who was in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in 2019.”

Brenden does not plan to be a part of the band his senior year even though he loved being in the band and competing in Texas. 

First impressions are important to new students. Brenden isn’t a complete new student but the first day of the second semester was his first impression of the high school. 

¨I feel like Delta is a great school,” he said. “I think it’s got the rigor of a great school when it comes to the upper level classes, and I think that the staff is super welcoming and very helpful to the new kids. I think it’s amazing how quickly I made relationships with teachers, and of course that wouldn’t be possible without my old friends.¨ 

Brenden had decided to come back to finish off his high school years with his old friends and as well with his family. His mom and sister both moved to Ohio which left Brenden to live with his aunt here in Muncie.

Brenden wanted to come back to Delta the entire time saying, ¨I missed the people at Delta and the atmosphere. Delta was a lot nicer and more welcoming than my schools in Texas.¨

Brenden had told only a few people over Xbox and social media that he was coming back as he wanted to keep it a surprise. His first day back was Jan. 4, the first day of the second semester.

Brenden will now finish his high school years as a Delta Eagle barring any surprises.

February 25, 2021

About Author

logananderson Logan Anderson is a junior at Delta. He is in his second year of journalism. He has played tennis for two years at Delta. He also enjoys playing basketball and spikeball with his friends. He likes playing videogames.


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