Maskne: The Struggle is Real

Maskne: The Struggle is Real

By Linus Weimer

Acne. Every teen’s worst nightmare. 

With wearing masks throughout the school year, acne has become much worse for some students.

Wearing a mask can be annoying, but they are protecting you and your family from getting and spreading Covid-19. However, the masks can affect your acne.

Senior Emily Himes says, “I had clear skin before quarantine. My skin was fine in the house. Then when we went out (and wore a mask) I could not handle it, and it got real bad.”

Student with mask
Like many teens, senior Emily Himes feels wearing masks has resulted in “maskne.” (Photo by Linus Weimer)

With acne comes self-esteem issues.

 “I think that really the only thing that I ever think about with that (is) one day at lunch or something I will take off my mask and everybody will be like, ‘What is going on?’ because my skin is pretty okay above the mask and then underneath it is my problem,” Himes said.

People also can have a skin routine.

“I would say that make sure to wash your face in the morning and night has helped and there are a lot of products that you can use to help with that and also just washing your masks,” Himes said.

Out of a group of 18 students at Delta High School who answered a Google Form survey, seven of them said that wearing a mask has affected their acne, and the other 11 said they have had no problems. 

Some responses that popped out:

  •  “Wear one that fits you right and don’t wear the really thick cotton one.”
  •  “Wear a lot of non-oil based facial lotion.”
  •  “Go to a dermatologist.”
  • “Put on a primer before you put on your mask.”
  • “Wear a gator.”
February 26, 2021

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