All Round Changes
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All Round Changes

By Shay Crow

Senior Anye’a Carter made physical changes, but she says she mostly changed mentally during her high school years.  

When Carter came into high school she said she did not have much of a personality. She cared too much about what people thought of her so she did what others thought was cool. 

Leaving high school, Carter believes that she has a personality and is in tune with herself more.

Anye'a Carter
Anye’a Carter as a freshman (left) and as a senior.

“I kind of just spent more time with people I just felt like I was comfortable with outside of school,” she said.

During the rough transition from middle school to high school, students do not always realize the changes they are about to make. 

After high school there will be more choices, more opportunities, and more responsibilities. 

Senior Nash Pearson, who is considering joining the Navy after he finishes high school, said he has changed both physically and mentally. 

Nash Pearson
Nash Pearson as a freshman (left) and as a senior.

When he first entered high school he described himself as a chubby kid who did not talk much except to his friends. Leaving high school he describes himself as less chubby and much more social.  

Pearson says the two teachers who helped him change were English teacher Mrs. Suzy Fox and math teacher Mr. Robert Summer. 

Pearson says that all the changes were made with “dedication and the desire to improve my life. I made better choices, changed what influenced my life and decisions.”

Senior Kylie Del Pozzi believes that high school has also let her open up and become better talking to people that she barely knows. 

When Del Pozzi first came into high school she absolutely dreaded group projects or even having to go out of her small group of friends. 

Kylie Del Pozzi
Kylie Del Pozzi as a freshman (left) and as a senior.

Now leaving high school she is comfortable with group projects. Although she still only talks to her group of friends, it is now a bigger group. 

Del Pozzi said she has discovered her identity and is now comfortable with where she is with herself. She said she now has a better work ethic thanks to Mr. Robert Stevens, a former French teacher. 

World History and Economics teacher Mrs. Holly Hopkins has had most of the seniors in class before. 

Mrs. Hopkins believes that her seniors are calmer and also more comfortable.

Her students enjoy having her because she applies economics into real life situations, according to Mrs. Hopkins, “I try to make class a wee bit interesting/exciting because I know that they are fighting ‘senioritis.’”

Miss Amanda Craw, English teacher, has had many of her seniors as freshmen and she believes that they did not change much in the classroom since “they were already a creative and hardworking class overall.”

Classes like English can help you change by the books and short stories you read and the characters you meet. 

“English class isn’t just about teaching grammar and vocabulary–it’s about learning how to navigate the world around you through reading and discussing,” Craw said.

May 14, 2021

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Shayla Crow Shayla Crow is a junior who is a second-year Newspaper student. She enjoys writing along with mathematics. She hopes to write multiple stories for Eagle's Eye News.


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