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For The Duration

By Gaige Winchester


Throughout four years of high school, things happen. Failed quizzes, bombed tests, and for this senior class even a worldwide pandemic. Alyssa Thorpe, however, has persevered through all the obstacles to become the salutatorian of the Class of 2021.

Throughout her years of high school, she kept up and stayed on top of all her classes to set an example for her six siblings being the oldest child in the Thorpe family.

Alyssa Thorpe baby
Senior Alyssa Thorpe as a baby.

Thorpe said her favorite part of having such a large family is always having people to hang out with, but she said the worst is that her siblings can be annoying at times.

“I probably set a standard and inspired my siblings to do well in school, but honestly I don’t really know,” Thorpe said. “We’ve all always done pretty well in school.”

She rose through the class ranks by putting about six to eight hours a week into school work and studying during study halls and outside of school.  This doesn’t include class time used to work on homework.

Thorpe is a self-admitted procrastinator. She often waits until the time is ticking down for every assignment and actually didn’t even have a plan for which college to attend until Sunday, May 2nd. 

After she finishes out her senior year, she will attend Purdue University. 

“Energetic, a talker and a visitor,  and always willing to help –  are all words or phrases that describe Alyssa,” science teacher Mr. Todd Trehearne said. “I am excited to see her further her education at Purdue.”

Thorpe plans to study nursing. She wants to do nursing because her mom studied nursing in college, and she’s already taken a few classes that are required for it. 

She says her motivation to do so well in school comes from not wanting to be passed by anyone in the rankings.

Thorpe says the best advice she could give to an underclassman is to get involved in extracurricular activities.

Alyssa Thorpe photo pose
Senior Alyssa Thorpe poses for a photo by a window.

“I didn’t do anything freshman year, so when I started doing cross country and track, high school became more fun,” Thorpe said.

One thing that has helped her so much in school is her work ethic.

Her mother, Jennifer Thorpe said she’s often seen on the sidelines during meets and practices reading or working on homework while waiting to compete. 

“She’s very driven and a very hard worker,” weightlifting teacher Mr. Chris Overholt said. “She wants to be above average in everything she tries. This is her first year coming into the weight room and she was eager to learn and do things the right way.”

When she isn’t worried about school, she enjoys hanging out with her siblings. Her sister Rebekah says, “My favorite memories with her are just driving around and going to random places.”

Some of her hobbies include running and cooking. She is a big fan of music. 

“She’s always had a special affinity for academia and music.” Jennifer said.

“I like music, and I play the piano. I like all kinds of music,” Alyssa said. “Everything but old, slow country, I even like regular country, just not the old, slow kind.” 

Although her senior year has been full of inconsistency and challenges, she is ready for the next step in life. 

May 21, 2021

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